Nearly 2 Million Homes, Businesses Still Without Power After East Coast Storm

VOA Nearly 2 million households and businesses remained without power Saturday on the U.S. East Coast after a heavy storm system brought rain, snow and hurricane-force winds to states from Maine, where the governor declared a state of emergency, all the
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US East Coast Prepares for Major Snowstorm

VOA News Residents of the eastern United States are preparing for a major storm that threatens to dump as much as 60 centimeters of snow on Washington, D.C., the capital. Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser Thursday declared a state of emergency ahead of the expected blizzard and issued a snow emergency that is (more...)

Who Will Win In Pennsylvania, Obama Or Romney?

Last days before election the candidates were making their final push, and part of that effort was focused on Pennsylvania. Republican Mitt Romney made a stop in Shady Brook Farm in Yardley, Pennsylvania, on Sunday evening.

He was met with a rousing welcome by a crowd of thousands supporters, who

Katia and Lee May Get Followers

The Atlantic storm season is at its peak. Hurricane Katia, that reached category 4 just a few days ago has already weakened to category 1. Its path, as meteorologists say, will most likely re-curve to the east and will not hit the East Coast directly. However, it may cause high (more...)

Irene Is Gone But Not Forgotten

Tropical Storm Irene passed over the east coast at the weekend and has killed 38 people, media reports. There have been three confirmed deaths in the days since Hurricane Irene struck the Philadelphia area. And on Monday morning  the body of  a 39-year-old black male man was found floating in the (more...)

Hurricane Irene Is Moving To US

Hurricane Irene is moving to the US after lashing Caribbean on a projected track to hug the east coast. Officials have been making preparations from the Carolinas to New England for its possible arrival. The Outer Banks islands off North Carolina are being evacuated. People were stocking up on supplies (more...)

Earthquake Shook Philadelphia

Earthquake Shook Philadelphia

At 1:51 p.m. EDM a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Virginia close to Richmond (39 miles), about 83 miles away from Washington. Pentagon and Capitol were evacuated. Shaking went through the whole East Coast, including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, New York, and Boston. In these cities people were evacuated from tall buildings and skyscrapers. The (more...)


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