Celebrating Passover in America

By Mary Jane Maxwell Jewish households and synagogues across the United States are preparing for Passover, one of the most sacred and widely celebrated holidays in the Hebrew calendar. The name of Passover comes from the traditional story that God “passed over”
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Russia Bans Egypt’s National Carrier

VOA News Russia's state aviation agency has banned Egypt's national carrier from flying to Russia, amid speculation a bomb was planted on the Russian airliner that crashed last month in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Rosaviatsiya on Friday notified Domodedovo airport in Moscow, where Egypt's air flights arrive, that the ban is (more...)

Russia Mourns Plane Crash Victims

VOA News Russia is observing a national day of mourning Sunday for the 217 passengers and seven crew members killed in a plane crash Saturday in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Nearly all of the passengers were Russian tourists returning to St. Petersburg from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Three Ukrainians are also (more...)

NATO, U.S. Efforts to Support NATO Partners

The United States strongly supports NATO’s cooperation with partners as a means to share more effectively burdens and act worldwide to accomplish our common security goals. This aligns with wider U.S. strategy of driving global cooperation on security challenges through networks of alliances. NATO’s Wales Summit marks (more...)

Are Christians Weak Defenders of Their Faith?

American Pastors Network’s Sam Rohrer Says Complacency in Religious Freedom has Led to Denial about Persecution around the World After an NBA team owner recently spewed offensive words, backlash from the American public was swift and powerful. Why aren’t we, then, getting as upset about the persecution of Christians around the world? American (more...)

2014 Spending Plan Reflects U.S. Priorities

By Kathryn McConnell Staff Writer The United States will provide $49 billion in funding for 2014 commitments to allies, contributions to the United Nations and international organizations, the global fight against HIV/AIDS, and support for global Internet freedom programs. The annual foreign assistance funding legislation, signed in January by (more...)

Saving Syria’s Cultural Heritage

Part of the humanitarian disaster in Syria is the threat to the country’s cultural objects and sites. Few countries are as rich culturally, have had such a glorious past, and are as important to human civilization as Syria. Syria’s history extends over thousands of years. A succession of (more...)

United States Reduces Some Military Assistance to Egypt

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer The United States will reduce delivery of some military and cash assistance to Egypt pending “credible progress” toward an inclusive, democratically elected civilian government with free and fair elections, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki says. “As a result of the review directed (more...)

Global Norms Demand Response to Chemical Weapons Use

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The United States has a national security stake in defending international prohibitions on the use of chemical weapons. Syria’s apparent “flagrant violation” of that standard demands a response, according to White House spokesman Jay Carney. President Obama is now engaged in deciding what that response (more...)

U.S. Deplores Ongoing Violence in Egypt

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer The Obama administration has condemned the continuing violence in Egypt, including attacks on security forces in the Sinai peninsula and Christian institutions, and the deaths of Muslim Brotherhood prisoners held in detention. Speaking to reporters August 19, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said there (more...)

Obama Cancels Military Exercise with Egypt in Wake of Violence

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer President Obama says the United States is cancelling its biennial joint military exercise with Egypt, scheduled for September, in response to violence in the country between Egyptian security forces and the Muslim Brotherhood. “While we want to sustain our relationship with Egypt, our traditional (more...)

Secretary Kerry on Egypt

The United States strongly condemns today’s violence and bloodshed across Egypt. It’s a serious blow to reconciliation and the Egyptian’s people’s hopes for a transition towards democracy and inclusion. In the past week, at every occasion, perhaps even more than the past week, we and others (more...)

G8 Foreign Ministers Discuss Sexual Violence, Mideast Peace

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer Foreign ministers from the Group of Eight (G8) advanced economies concluded two days of talks in London on an array of issues, including the prevention of sexual violence in conflict, the Middle East peace process, nonproliferation and disarmament, and significant regional (more...)

U.S. Shifts Policy on Syria, Announces Direct Support for Rebels

By Phillip Kurata Staff Writer The United States has shifted its policy toward Syria by deciding for the first time to send assistance directly to the rebels fighting to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. “We need to stand on the side of those in this fight who want (more...)

Kerry Travels to Europe, Middle East for Talks

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer Secretary of State John Kerry, on his first international trip since becoming secretary in February, will meet with world leaders for discussions on a wide range of issues, from Europe and Afghanistan to Mali and Syria and to Middle East peace. Kerry will (more...)


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