The Storm Has Caused Delays at Philadelphia International Airport

Sunday’s storm has caused delays at Philadelphia International Airport. According to Fox news, "major storms caused flooding, and knocked out the power at Terminal A East, affecting US Airways and American flights. A staffer says
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Mars Mission Leads a Year of Space Milestones

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The U.S. space agency delved into the secrets of other worlds in 2012, developed and tested new technology to reach those worlds and pursued these goals in partnership with space agencies from many other countries. The car-sized rover Curiosity landed on the surface of Mars (more...)

Piedmont Pilots Stridently Support Strike Authorization Vote

Piedmont Airlines pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), voted to authorize their union leadership to call for a lawful strike, should the pilot group be released to do so. Piedmont Airlines is a wholly owned subsidiary of US Airways and operates US (more...)

First Storm: The Roads Are Slushy & Icy

The Governor of Washington state has declared a state of emergency in the wake of a brutal winter storm which broke snowfall records. New York and Philadelphia saw a winter's worth of snow fall on Friday night - the first real snow of the season, which then changed over (more...)

Thanksgiving Flights: Arrive Early To The Airport

The weak economy, including high unemployment and a drop in disposable income, cuts the number of passengers about 2% from 2010, but  analytic said, that air travelers in  U.S. could expect full flights over the Thanksgiving holiday. The Air Transport Association (ATA) said in a statement, "the full planes (more...)


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