Republican Plan to End Shutdown Unlikely to Win Over Democrats

Republicans in the U.S. Senate have released a spending proposal that would end the partial government shutdown, taking direction from a proposal by President Donald Trump that he called a “compromise plan” but which Democrats say will
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The Maryland-Based KKK Group’s Meeting Was Canceled

A Maryland-based Ku Klux Klan has been granted a permit to hold an event on Oct. 5, on the battlefield’s grounds, at Gettysburg National Military Park, park officials reported." The special-use permit was approved for a Maryland-based KKK group to exercise its First Amendment right". "As custodians of land owned (more...)

Government Shutdown

Can The Government Shutdown?

US President Barack Obama said he is hopeful, that a government shutdown can be averted. Negotiators would work all night and he expects an answer on Friday morning. ”Without a deal, the law funding most of the US government will expire at midnight on Friday, forcing a shutdown”. Republicans have (more...)


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