Wolf Tax 3.0: No Relief, No ‘Fair Share,’ Just Higher Taxes

Latest Plan Raids $750 from Paychecks of Pennsylvania Families Refusing to waver from his obsession with higher taxes for Pennsylvania families, Gov. Tom Wolf today released key details of his latest tax-increase plan, tentatively scheduled for a vote tomorrow in the state House. “The
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Tom Corbett: “We Are Better Off Today Than We Were Four Years Ago”

On November 2, 2010, Tom Corbett was elected governor of Pennsylvania, succeeding Democrat Ed Randell. Four years later in 20014 Corbett announced his candidacy for re-election on November 8, 2013. Now Election Day is just a couple of weeks away. Gov. Tom Corbett has a lot of ideas (more...)

Malik Obama Message During The Election In Kenya: Change!

Сountry's election in Kenya is done. Kenyans are awaiting results. Malik Obama, a half-brother of Barak Obama, was standing for the position of governor of Siaya County in this election, according to the media. He was running as an independent, competing against candidates from well-funded parties. Malik Obama, 54,  said he (more...)

Privatization of Liquor and School Safety Do Not Mix

State Rep. Kevin Haggerty D-Lackawanna I want to acknowledge Gov. Tom Corbett’s recent school safety initiative by recognizing its importance and by putting a figure of up to $1 billion on the protection of our children in schools. This increase in funding from the previous line item of $500,000 (more...)

In Storm-Ravaged New Jersey, Community Needs Transcend Politics

President Obama, center, and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate, left, watch New Jersey Governor Chris Christie greet storm victims at Brigantine Beach Community Center. Obama, the Democratic nominee to the U.S. presidency, toured devastated areas of New Jersey on October 31 with Christie, an outspoken supporter

Newark Mayor Rescues Woman From Fire

Newark Mayor Cory Booker just came back home on Thursday evening, when he saw his neighbor’s house on fire. A woman screamed that her daughter was still inside the house. The mayor and two of his security detail ran inside. Fighting through flames, Booker reached the second floor and carried (more...)

Mitt Romney Or Rick Santorum OVER Obama?

The former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has won polls in three states on Tuesday, the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has won the state's primary caucuses in Maine on Saturday. Mr Santorum, now viewed as Mr Romney's main rival nationally, also had only limited campaign activity in the state, according (more...)

Harrisburg Files For Bankruptcy

The capital of the state of Pennsylvania - Harrisburg - has filed for bankruptcy, because faced debts of $300m and could not pay for services. The city council voted 4-3 on to file for bankruptcy. But city's mayor, Linda Thompson challenged the legality of the vote in a news (more...)

Sen. Anthony H. Williams Supports Governor’s School Reform Proposals

State Sen. Anthony H. Williams issued the following statement on the governor's recently unveiled school reform proposals: "As a public servant, focusing on the quality of life for my constituents is a key charge – which is why education has remained a top priority. Few public investments have as lasting effect (more...)

School Vouchers Is Priority For Fall Legislative Session

Pennsylvania lawmakers returned to the state capitol and began fall session of the legislature. According to CBS News, governor Corbett said "his top priority is school vouchers, but he also wants to address transportation funding, liquor privatization, and natural gas drilling. Governor Corbett  said to CBS News “I want (more...)

Senators, City Officials Discuss State Budget Impact

The Philadelphia Senate Delegation today held a discussion on the impact of the governor’s proposed 2011-12 budget plan on the Philadelphia region. The senators, along with representatives from the mayor’s office, School District of Philadelphia, Temple and Cheney universities, and the Delaware Valley Healthcare Council of the (more...)

Is Pennsylvania’s Budget Against the Education?

Gov. Corbett released the deep-cutting budget project. The $27.3 billion spending plan was received by conservatives. Republicans maintain that the budget will be completed and signed by the June 30 deadline for the first time in eight years. And everybody begin to study the fine print in Corbett's (more...)


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