Italian Immigrant’s Dreams Become Sweet Reality

VOA This is a story about a man and his gelato. Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream, and ice cream is a hugely popular treat among Americans. But gelato is not exactly ice cream. It is made with some milk instead of
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U.S. Voters Set New State Laws on Same-Gender Marriage, Marijuana

President Obama’s re-election victory may have been the worldwide focus of the United States’ Election Day, but the millions of Americans who voted November 6 did much more than choose the country’s next president. As well as electing a host of state and local representatives, U.S. voters cast (more...)

A Taste of America: Nachos

Nachos have become so “American” that it’s hard to remember the dish is a relatively recent “immigrant” from Mexico. Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya, who worked at a restaurant in a small Mexican town just across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas, invented the dish in 1943, when about a dozen

Exhibition Illuminates Faces, Stories of American Immigrants

By Lea Terhune Staff Writer Generations of immigrants passing through entry points to the United States left details of their lives there that now reside in the U.S. National Archives. Its new exhibition in Washington, Attachments: Faces and Stories from America’s Gates, shares some of those photographic and documentary records (more...)

New Report Spotlights Untapped Talent in US

A new report is spotlighting a hidden opportunity in the United States – skilled immigrant doctors, engineers and others who are currently working in low-skilled jobs. " Talent is Ready: Promising Practices for Helping Immigrant Professionals Establish Their American Careers" was released by the Chicago-based IMPRINT, an umbrella group of (more...)

Immigrant’s Key to Philly’s Success

In November 1998 “Player” magazine included him in 14 “Fabulous Leaders of the Next Millennium”, on November 21, 2002 Daily News newspaper named him among 14 “Most influential Philadelphians with good growth prospects”, in 2007 his name was mentioned in main newspapers of Philadelphia... (more...)


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