Flipping Houses — It’s Not Like TV

Flipping a house can seem like a walk in the park when it's wrapped into a few montages during a half-hour TV segment. Find

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Why Comparing Gadget Insurance is Best Option for Technology Freaks

The people associated with the present century are claimed to be busy and modern where every single person owns his or her personalized tools, referred to as gadgets, which have the ability to assist life. These gadgets vary according in purpose, size, shape, and brand. Some (more...)

How Can the Government Require People to Purchase Health Insurance?

Reuters/Ipsos poll released last week, said:  "an overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system remains popular even though Americans are not enamored with the law that President Barack Obama signed in 2010", " 44 % of respondents favor the law, and that an additional 21% oppose it because it (more...)

Russian Mafia – a Convenient Stereotype?

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Is It Great Time To Buy Home

Is It Great Time To Buy Home?

Now there is a great time to buy houses! I heard about it from many real-tors: homes are more affordable, the selection is abundant, and interest rates are low. But the cost of owning a home today is not limited to paying just the mortgage. Some real-tors said, (more...)


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