Boris Akunin: “Let’s Not Rush to Win in Russia”

The newspaper «International Herald Tribune» asked the writer Boris Akunin to explain, from the perspective of the writer, what to expect in Russia in the future, and published his opinion. Here are some excerpts from it: “On Sept. 24, when it
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Obama, U.K.’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy on Libya

Obama, U.K.’s Cameron and France’s Sarkozy on Libya

The following joint commentary by President Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron of the United Kingdom and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France appeared in the April 15 editions of the International Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, and Times of London and is in the public domain. No republication restrictions. Libya’s Pathway (more...)

Obama Praises U.S. – Europe Relations

President Obama praised the U.S.-European relationship for its deep cooperation and close ties as he arrived in Lisbon, Portugal, for the 2010 NATO Summit and U.S.–European Union Summit. “With no other region does the United States have such a close alignment of values, interests, capabilities and goals,” - Obama (more...)


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