NASA Picks Physics Experiments for Space Station

NASA will fund seven proposals to conduct physics research using the agency’s new microgravity laboratory, which is scheduled to launch to the International Space Station in 2016. NASA’s Cold Atom Laboratory will provide an opportunity to study ultra-cold
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Space Station Gets New Life as International Collaboration Grows

By Charlene Porter, Staff Writer The Obama administration announced January 8 that it will support a four-year extension of operations at the International Space Station (ISS) and urged its international partners in the enterprise to do likewise. In their joint announcement of the extension, Assistant to the President (more...)

Passport to Earth

International travelers are familiar with the vast rules and regulations known as customs, but in the era of international extraterrestrial agreements, even space travelers need their papers. Since the launch of the first component of the International Space Station from Kazakhstan’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in 1998, more than (more...)

Olympic Torch Takes Its First Spacewalk

In a view from Flight Engineer Sergey Ryazanskiy’s helmet camera, flight engineer Oleg Kotov waves the Olympic torch outside the International Space Station during a November 9 spacewalk. The torch taken on the spacewalk will be used to light the flame at the Olympic Games in February 2014 in Sochi, a (more...)

Cosmonauts Set Russian Spacewalk Record with Space Station Work

Two cosmonauts, Fyodor Yurchikhin and Alexander Misurkin, set a new record for the longest Russian spacewalk August 16, spending a total of seven hours and 29 minutes outside the International Space Station. The cosmonauts installed power and data cables for a new Russian laboratory module expected (more...)

NASA to Beam Data from Space with Laser

NASA will use the International Space Station to test a new communications technology that could dramatically improve spacecraft communications, enhance commercial missions and strengthen transmission of scientific data. The Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) could improve NASA’s data rates for communications with future spacecraft by a (more...)

Curiosity Radiation Data Guides Planning for Astronaut Safety

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer An astronaut crew aboard the space voyage that took the rover Curiosity to Mars would have been exposed to an excessive level of radiation, NASA scientists announced May 30. Analysis of data collected by a Radiation Assessment Detector (RAD) on board the flight is (more...)

NASA Works on Long-Term Plan to Send Humans to Mars

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The U.S. space program is pursuing two goals to expand the dominion of the human race: flying astronauts to an asteroid by the year 2025 and landing astronauts on Mars by the 2030s. NASA Director Charles Bolden called on the space community and the (more...)

Got a Space Station Idea? NASA Wants to Know

Are you mulling an idea to improve the International Space Station? NASA wants to hear your proposal for advancing or improving exploration technologies. You might have a brainstorm on improving the football-field-sized orbiting outpost, or some thoughts on tools to use the station as a springboard (more...)

Space Station Crew Returns to Earth

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer

The Expedition 33 crew returned to Earth November 19 from the International Space Station, landing the Soyuz spacecraft in northeast Kazakhstan after 127 days in space. Commander Suni Williams of NASA, Russian Soyuz commander Yuri Malenchenko, and Flight Engineer Aki Hoshide of the Japan

Remembering “Extra-Special” Space Shuttle Flight

By Louise Fenner Staff Writer Joan Higginbotham remembers how the Earth looked when she saw it from the space shuttle Discovery in 2006. There is nothing in space to distort the view, she said, “and when you look down on the ocean there are such vibrant blues and greens (more...)

Shuttle Atlantis Leaves Space, Heads Home

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station July 19 to complete final inspections and journey back to Earth, the last of the shuttle craft ever to do so, as this era of manned space flight comes to a close. Atlantis is the last (more...)


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