Editor’s Death Prompts Reflections on Importance of Journalism

The death of Ben Bradlee, the tenacious and hard-driving leader of the Washington Post newsroom for 26 years, triggered reflections not only on the life of the man but also on the important role that a free press plays in holding
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Eligibility to Participate in U.S. Visa Interview Waiver Program Expands in Russia

The U.S. Mission in Russia is pleased to announce an expansion of our current interview waiver program as a part of President Obama’s Executive Order to substantially increase travel and tourism to the United States.  Starting immediately, certain applicants who have previously been issued a visa (more...)

“Ban the Box” Law Took Effect

The "ban the box" law took effect last week in Philadelphia, according to media. New law prohibits employers in Philadelphia from asking applicants if they have any criminal convictions during a first interview. Such questions are allowed during a follow-up interview. But Criminal justice employers and others (more...)

Octomom Speaks Out As Child Services Cringe

In 2009, the world was first introduced to the being that is Octomom. Nadya Suleman had six children with an unknown father and then received in vitro fertilization to give birth to octuplets. The octuplets are the longest surviving octuplets in American history. The tragedy in it all is that Nadya, (more...)

Vladimir Putin will give an interview to Larry King on CNN

The press secretary of the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed to Interfax that Vladimir Putin will give an interview to the journalist Larry King on CNN TV. According to Peskov, an interview with the Russian Prime Minister in the form of a teleconference between Russia and the U.S. will be shown (more...)


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