Arabic ‘Fastest Growing’ Language in US

VOA News Arabic is the “fastest growing language in the U.S.,” according to the Pew Research Center. According to a post on the group’s website about the challenges Arabic presents to the U.S. census, Arabic speaking at home has
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Young Americans Abroad

U.S. students show more interest in studying abroad than ever. Millennials, or 18- to 29-year olds, thirst to experience the world first-hand after getting a taste of it from cyberspace and television. • 66% have passports Increasingly, U.S. colleges and universities make studying in another country, at least for a (more...)

Intangible Cultural Heritage

Traditionally, preserving cultural heritage has meant conserving historic buildings, monuments and works of art. But starting in the 1960s, thanks to a growing appreciation of diverse cultures and modes of cultural expression, the preservation of cultural heritage has expanded to encompass so-called “intangible” cultural expressions (more...)

Why Do Many Americans Speak Only English?

U.S. Geography and the Need to Learn a Foreign Language The United States is spread out over a huge land mass, and for most of its citizens there is no need to speak a language in addition to English in order to communicate with people who live (more...)


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