Cocaine Seizure in Phila, Marijuana Seizure in Lancaster County

Two facts about сocaine seizure in Philadelphia and marijuana seizure in Lancaster County  have been recorded in Pennsylvania this week. " The largest cocaine seizure ever recorded in Philadelphia International Airport history: 130 pounds of cocaine found in three
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Cannabis Bush Instead Of Christmas Tree

Ian Richards, 46, from Britain grew a large cannabis plant to look like a Christmas tree, according to local press. He made the cannabis plant resemble a festive tree by growing it to 5ft tall and decorated it with balls. But he will spend the festive season not behind this tree, (more...)

Marijuana-Education Children’s Book

Ricardo Cortés is Brooklyn-based author and illustrator, who published a third updated version of his controversial marijuana-education children’s book "It's Just a Plant" . It is designed for parents who want to educate their children about marijuana. The color-rich pages tell the story of a little girl named Jackie. She (more...)

Women and Weed

Representatives of a new organization “Women’s Alliance of Philadelphia” on their first official meeting have discussed an issue, that causes a great disturbance in the society, about political changes regarding light drugs. This was reported by local media. Pop culture draws women and drugs together; gloss paper magazines start publishing (more...)

Over 200 LB of Marijuana Found on a Parking Lot

Montgomery County Police find out more than 200 pounds of marijuana in the trailer during an morning drug bust this week in Lansdale. According to authorities the owner of the trailer Andre Lue of Lansdale is behind bars on $500,000 cash bail facing numerous drug charges. The tractor-trailer  was in (more...)

Uncover Marijuana Growing Operation

25-year-old man has been arrested in Delaware State after uncovering marijuana growing operation at his Houston home. Authorities said Michael W. Fleetwood has been charged with trafficking marijuana, maintaining a dwelling for keeping controlled substances and possession of marijuana. Police found marijuana plants, high intensity ultraviolet lights, a regulated watering system and digital scales. Fleetwood (more...)

New Jersey — New Medicinal Marijuana State

New Jersey will be the 14th state with approved use of medicinal marijuana for patients with severe diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, muscular dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and multiple sclerosis. Although the legislation was passed, New Jersey will face the most restrictions on medicinal marijuana usage than any of the other (more...)

Youths Alcohol And Drug Problem in Upper Moreland

Results from the Pennsylvania Annual Youth Survey show: ”one in four Upper Moreland sixth-graders and 50 to 60% of 10th-graders had tried alcohol before and 65% of 12th-graders had done so in the past month. 10 to 15% of 10th-graders at Upper Moreland are regular smokers, 13% of eighth-graders are already (more...)


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