Blizzard Takes Aim at Northeastern US, Flights Canceled

VOA A fast-moving winter storm was expected to hit the northeastern United States, forecasters warned on Monday, prompting airlines to cancel thousands of flights and some mayors to order schools to close on Tuesday. The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for
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Flood Safety Tips for Residents from the Nonprofit Federal Allian

With rain expected over the next few days, residents should take precautions to protect their home and family from the possibility of flooding. Eighteen to 24 inches of moving water can wash a SUV off of the road. In fact, according to the National Weather Service, more than (more...)

First Major Snowstorm Of 2014 in Philadelphia

A winter storm has blanketed parts of Canada and the north-eastern US, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, with up to 2ft (61cm) of snow. VOA News reported: "Residents in the northeastern United States are digging out their homes and vehicles after the first major snowstorm (more...)

A Messy Winter Storm Is Moving Across Pennsylvania

Did you see what is going on outside? The heaviest rain occurs late Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. Right before Thanksgiving Day, one of the busiest travel times of the year! According to CBS News, "temperatures struggled to climb out of the 20s, and several cities in the (more...)

26 Tornadoes Attacked US States

According to CNN News, "at least one person was killed and around a dozen injured Sunday when a string of tornadoes tore through four states, ripping roofs off homes, downing power lines and tossing trees like matchsticks."

Booth said that two others are missing, a number of


Phil ‘Predicts’ 6 More Weeks Of Winter

“What started as a small gathering in 1887 has now evolved into tens of thousands of visitors from around the nation and even the world coming to Punxsutawney to participate in this time-honored Groundhog Day tradition,” Gov. Corbett Corbett said after Pennsylvania’s Punxsutawney Phil (more...)

Hot Temperatures And High Humidity In US

According to the National Weather Service, more than 23 states are under under some sort of heat warning, watch or advisory. Today, on Wednesday in Philadelphia the temperatures  reachs 93 degrees. The heat is expected to move east in the next several days. During the next several days, a "combination of very (more...)

The Hottest Days in Philadelphia

The Hottest Days in Philadelphia

According to official National Weather Service records the period from June 1-July 13 was the hottest such period in Philadelphia in 138 years. The air was as toasty as an electric blanket and the official high hit 94, sprinklers were transformed into water toys. The region has experienced four heat waves. The (more...)

Tornado In Northest Of Philadelphia

CBS News, NBC News and other stations reported about the  tornado that hit Northeast of Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon:  the huge cloud descend on the 9800 block of Northeast Avenue. And destroyed a building that houses four businesses - The Beer Hut,R & R Car Repair and others.
The strong storms

Mississippi Flood is a Result of a Huge Snow Melt

Mississippi Flood is a Result of a Huge Snow Melt

Up to 5,000 Mississippi residents may be forced to evacuate, authorities said. The river has washed away crops and forced people to leave their homes. The flooding has badly affected Memphis and other cities further upstream, news agencies reported. In Arkansas flooding along the White River forced officials (more...)

The Wildest Months In U.S.

The US National Weather Service (NWS) reported of nearly 300 tornadoes since the storms began a week ago. The devastation has been reported in Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Virginia. At least 318 people died, most of them in Alabama.  At least one twistertouched down in York County (more...)

Tornado Warnings For Some States

The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for parts of southern Illinois to northern Kentucky and southwest Ohio amid severe thunderstorms on Saturday, that have produced damages to trees and power lines. The weather service said, they are capable of producing winds of more than 80 miles per hour. A storm roared (more...)

Tornadoes Strucked US

Tornadoes Strucked US

At least 44 people died during three days of severe weather across several southern US states. The storms first struck Oklahoma, than Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia. In North Carolina 62 tornadoes left a trail of destruction in the worst storm to hit the state. North Carolina Governor said (more...)

Snow Amounts Around Your Area

The National Weather Service reported snow accumulation amounts in inches: PENNSYLVANIA: Bucks County Bensalem....... 16.9 (1:19 a.m.) Ferndale....... 15.0 (1:30 a.m.) Perkasie....... 14.8 (1:57 a.m.) Pipersville.... 12.5 (1:56 a.m.) Chester County Downingtown.... 16.1 (2:11 a.m.) Coatesville.... 15.0 (5:36 a.m.) West Caln Twp.. 14.8 (12:21 a.m.) Delaware County Drexel Hill.... 15.3 (2:42 a.m.) Chester........ 13.7 (3:40 a.m.) Montgomery County Wynnewood...... 16.3 (1:17 a.m.) Willow Grove... (more...)


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