1969: The First Whisper Of The Internet

With the world so interconnected by the internet today, it’s hard to appreciate that just a half-century ago it didn’t even exist.  In fact, social media, your favorite news sites, even the word “online” wouldn’t exist if it
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Dry Weekend Draws US Shoppers Even as Online Sales Boom

VOA The driest Thanksgiving weekend in five years may have helped holiday shopping, despite an overall decline in foot traffic. But some shoppers just took notes in the hopes of finding an even better deal online. That's a consequence of Amazon continuing to squeeze prices, exacerbating the “showrooming” practice of people getting (more...)

Tell Congress “No!” To New Sales Taxes & Burdens For Small Online Businesses

Congress is considering online sales tax legislation that is wrongheaded and unfair, and I am writing to ask for your help in telling Congress "No!" to new sales taxes and burdens for small businesses. Whether you're a consumer who loves the incredible selection and (more...)

Philadelphia: New Website Allowing Citizens To Appeal Tickets Online

The City of Philadelphia launched a new website that allows individuals to appeal parking tickets online, including the ability to upload documents in support of their appeal, as well as provides a user-friendly guide to the rules of the parking ticket appeals process. The new (more...)

Black Friday: New This Year

Stores opening earlier than ever with some stores opening at 8pm on Thanksgiving Day. Also, stores are having multiple doorbuster sales that begin at different times. The feedback we've received from our users so far regarding the stores opening on Thanksgiving has been negative. A lot of our users plan to shop (more...)

Enroll Online in PA 529 College Savings Plan This Month and Save

September is “Saving for College Month” and Pennsylvania families can take advantage of a special offer from the college savings program offered by the state, according to state Sen. Mike Stack. Families who open a new Guaranteed Savings Plan account online through the Pennsylvania 529 College (more...)

Celebrate the Jewish High Holidays With the First Online Synagogue

Celebrate the Jewish High Holidays with the first and largest contemporary online synagogue: OurJewishCommunity.org.

OurJewishCommunity.org is a global outreach initiative. Its liturgy for the Jewish holidays expresses a contemporary and modern Jewish experience. The liturgy gives voice to Judaism’s ever-unfolding religious experience and promotes the values of

Congress is Scared by SOPA Protesters

Now that Congress has had time to process last week's internet blackout, a consensus has emerged: SOPA and PIPA are toxic for politicians, and going anywhere near them could cost them their re-election. Freedom is winning. Together, we've done something amazing-- never have so many people stood up to defend a free (more...)

Department of Labor: Manage Unemployment Compensation Claims Online

Filing and managing unemployment compensation claims online is the easiest, most convenient way for claimants to work with the Department of Labor & Industry, Secretary Julia K. Hearthway said today. "Many of Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation services are available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a (more...)

Internet Was Tool for Expression and Repression in 2011

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer The United States and its international partners “made a great deal of progress” in 2011 in adopting measures that can “turn our commitment to Internet freedom into reality,” according to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Michael H. Posner. Speaking (more...)

No to Government Control of the Internet

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer Addressing a conference in London that is meeting to discuss how to make the Internet more secure, Vice President Biden said a proposed “international legal instrument” to govern the Web would stifle free speech and the ability of people all over the world to (more...)

Illegal Parking Online Court

New Yorkers Can Dispute Their Fines Online

New technologies influence our lives more and more with each day. And the bigger a city is, the faster the internet blends with daily life. Now New Yorkers got an option of disputing traffic and parking fines online. Before one would need to come to court on a specified date or (more...)

Internet Freedom Essential to Peace, Prosperity, Clinton Says

Internet Freedom Essential to Peace, Prosperity, Clinton Says

An open, secure Internet that is accessible to all is crucial to peace and economic prosperity, says Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. “We are convinced that an open Internet fosters long-term peace, progress and prosperity,” Clinton said in a speech delivered at George Washington University in Washington. (more...)

Virtual Piggy Will Save Parent’s Money

Virtual Piggy Will Save Parent’s Money

Today five-six years old kids are playing games online, seven and older are sending sms, and want to begin making purchases online. They are growing up in a world where the Internet has always existed and navigation of it is second nature to them. But about 20% of all children and teenagers (more...)


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