Biden Heads to Pennsylvania to Pitch Rebuilding Middle Class

VOA By picking Pennsylvania for his first campaign speech of the presidential race, Joe Biden is signaling he hopes to own what may be the 2020 election's toughest battleground. Planting a flag in Pennsylvania makes sense for the longtime former senator from
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Clinton’s Made History; but Can She Win Voters’ Trust?

Aru Pande
She has made history. She has the domestic and foreign experience. And she has the endorsement of her primary opponent. Now, can Hillary Clinton overcome her historically high negative ratings for a Democratic presidential candidate? Just 38 percent of Americans view Clinton favorably—the

Ron Paul and Philadelphia Phreedom Rally 2012

Join us Sunday April 22, 2012 as we gather on the lawn at Independence Hall at the Philadelphia Rally for Phreedom 2012! Philly Phreedom 2012 was born out of a passion for liberty by grassroots activists in Philadelphia. A pressing question for you the reader is "so, why should (more...)

U.S. Elections: 2012 Primary Schedule

The 2012 Republican primary/caucus schedule below is based on the most current information available from state election boards. (President Obama’s nomination by the Democratic Party is not contested.) For those states holding primaries, voters go to polling places and cast their ballots. In caucus states, voters gather (more...)

Newt Gingrich Won in South Carolina

Newt Gingrich has beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina's primary election on Saturday. With 95% of the vote counted, Mr Gingrich had 41% to Mr Romney's 27%, according to the media. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and Texas representative Ron Paul had 7% and 13% .The (more...)

Republican Candidates Face New Hampshire Voters

By Bridget Hunter Staff Writer On January 10, voters in the New Hampshire primary became the first Americans to cast secret ballots in the long race for the U.S. presidency. When the votes were counted, Mitt Romney — a former governor of neighboring Massachusetts — had won, with nearly 40% (more...)


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