Monday’s Trump-Clinton Debate Could be Defining Moment in Presidential Campaign

Jim Malone

It could be the defining moment of the 2016 campaign. Monday’s first presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump may draw, by some estimates, 100 million viewers, who will be able to take the measure of
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Times Square Rally: “Stop Iran Now”

According to New York Post, "thousands of protesters flooded Times Square Wednesday to rally against President Obama’s controversial Iran nuclear arms deal.

Organizers of the “Stop Iran Now” rally estimated the crowd, which filled the blocks between 42nd and 38th streets, at 12,000." Jeffrey Wiesenfeld, a financial expert who has held (more...)

Philadelphia Armenian Genocide Walk 2012

On Saturday, April 28, 2012, the 5th Annual Philadelphia Armenian Genocide Walk will take place, providing an opportunity for the entire Philadelphia community to gather to commemorate the 97th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, and educate the public on Turkish denial of the atrocities committed against the (more...)

For Putin Or For Fair Elections?

On Saturday, February 4th, tens of thousands of Russians took part in a march against the prime minister Vladimir Putin's 12 years governing. At the same time his supporters staged a rival rally drawing comparable numbers. According to world media, "protesters marched within sight of the red-brick Kremlin (more...)

Foreclosure Protest At City Hall

Foreclosure Protest At City Hall

A rally was organized on March 24th 2011 outside City Hall where protestors facing foreclosure complained of the sheriff sale supposedly taking place on the first Tuesday in April.  In case you were not aware, a sheriff sale is the auctioning of a house by the mortgage lender after the (more...)

Madison Rally Attracts Thousands

In the US state of Wisconsin nearly 70,000 of demonstrators have taken part in rival protests in over moves to curb union activity. They converged on the state capital on Sunday and outside the governor's residence, marking the start of a second week of growing protests with threats of wider (more...)


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