Summer Will Last Longer If You Join Philadelphia “Matryoshka” Festival

Summer will last longer if you join us! Philadelphia "Matryoshka" Festival continues the positive energy and happiness of the Summer. Come by on September 22nd. from 12pm - 6pm to Polanka Park and we'll all have a
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Casting Estonian Nets In Boston Harbor

The annual Boston Seafood Show will feature a little Baltic flavoring this year. The Estonian Fishery Association is attending the show this year in the hopes of increasing U.S. interest in the country’s national fish, the Baltic herring and sprats, which are not well-known in the states. The (more...)

“Russian Dolls”: Who Are They?

“If the Soviet authorities had wanted to torture Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn beyond endurance, they would have forced him to watch Russian Dolls.” – said Alessandra Stanley in her review, published in New Your Times. Well, that could not been put more accurately or keenly, if one wished to characterize a new reality (more...)

Mayor Nutter Visited Northeast

Mayor Michael A. Nutter visited the Russian-speaking business community in Northeast Philadelphia to affirm the City’s commitment to strengthening immigrant-owned businesses and the ongoing effort to assist all entrepreneurs and small business owners. During the corridor visit, Mayor Nutter also highlighted new initiatives within the Department of Commerce to support to (more...)

Good Luck Northeast!

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