Tesla Model X: “Falcon Wings” And More Space

Do you prefer electric cars like a driver? So, you could be glad to know, that Tesla announced about the new electric SUV - Model X. The company received 500 reservations for the Model X, after the car's unveiling on
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Cyber Monday Instead Of Black Friday

Welcome to Cyber Monday 2011!   Cyber Monday has overtaken Black Friday as the hottest shopping day of the year! Plus, it is all online! No need to run to the store or wait in crazy lines! Just order everything in your PJs and it will be shipped to (more...)

Are You Ready For Black Friday?

Are you ready for Black Friday? Start your day at least at 3 a.m. and make a trip to favorite stores! This year almost every store is having blowout deals andseveral retailers opening their doors at midnight or earlier. There are many options for consumers in the Philadelphia area, (more...)

Foreclosure Protest At City Hall

Foreclosure Protest At City Hall

A rally was organized on March 24th 2011 outside City Hall where protestors facing foreclosure complained of the sheriff sale supposedly taking place on the first Tuesday in April.  In case you were not aware, a sheriff sale is the auctioning of a house by the mortgage lender after the (more...)

US Treasury to Sell Mortgage Assets

US Treasury to Sell Mortgage Assets

The US Treasury has decided to begin selling off a portion of the mortgage-backed securities purchased during the financial crisis.  The schedule would follow a $10 billion sale each month and is expected to generate a profit of $15-$20 billion.  This is plan is now being imposed in order to (more...)

Borders Would Close 200 Stores

Borders was founded in 1971 and bought by Kmart in 1992. Now Borders operates 642 stores, including about 500 superstores and 100 smaller Waldenbooks locations. Almost all of the stores closed by the company in recent years were Waldenbooks locations. Borders Group Inc had liabilities of $1.29 (more...)

N’Joy Boutique

N’Joy Boutique presents Cyber Week Offer, running from Monday, November 28, through Monday, December 5, allows you to shop and save: when you spend $200+ in N'Joy Boutique online shop, you receive $50 credit for your next shopping! This great boutique shop in Holland, Pennsylvania, carries a range of unique (more...)

Macy’s Stakes on Center City

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