NASA Data Find Some Hope for Water in Aral Sea Basin

new study using data from NASA satellite missions finds that although the long-term water picture for the Aral Sea watershed in Central Asia remains bleak, short-term prospects are better than previously thought. NASA reported the study’s findings in
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Telstar Introduced Era of Global Communications

By Mark Trainer
Staff Writer
In 1962, President John F. Kennedy said the Telstar satellite would “throw open to us a vision of an era of international communications.” Fifty years later, we are living in the era Kennedy spoke of. At slightly less than a meter in diameter and weighing 77 (more...)

Space Junk an Orbital Hazard

By Charlene Porter Staff Writer Debris circling the Earth in a low orbit is becoming a serious hazard, a danger to spacecraft and astronauts, and NASA needs a plan to reduce the hazard, an expert advisory panel reported September 1. The U.S. space agency is keeping track of about 22,000 pieces (more...)


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