Regulators against Google

Regulators against Google

United States federal regulators are preparing an issue to Google and other companies that take part in Google's search engine business. The Wall Street Journal said: "The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is expected to open a formal inquiry within the next several
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Google Takes Another Shot at Social Networking Through “+1”

Google has added an experimental feature to their repertoire called “+1”. After conducting a search on Google, you can “+1” the websites in your search results that you believe are the most relevant and the sites which you think are the best. It is similar to a Facebook “Like”. If (more...)

Microsoft vs Google

Computer industry giant Microsoft has announced its intention to make a complaint to European Commission about Google, accusing this company in excluding its competitors from the market of search engines, thus breaching antimonopoly legislation. Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith has accused Google in noncompetitive use of its search engine with a (more...)

Too personal search in US airports

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