The President’s State of the Union Speech: Why It Matters

By ShareAmerica Millions of people around the world are expected to tune in to catch President Trump’s State of the Union address on January 30. The speech to a joint session of Congress is an opportunity for the president to review the
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US Senate Paves Way to End Partial Government Shutdown

VOA Michael Bowman The U.S. Senate advanced a stop-gap funding bill on Monday that paves the way to reopen the federal government three days into a partial shutdown that was triggered in part by a partisan brawl over immigration. Thirty-three Democrats joined 48 Republicans to end debate in the 100-member chamber on a (more...)

Why Can’t Congress Aim Higher?

By Lee H. Hamilton Congressional budget negotiators are moving to meet a December 13 deadline to produce, well, something. For weeks, we’ve been told to keep expectations low. There’ll be no “grand bargain,” negotiators say. Commentators believe that even the narrowest agreement will be a signal achievement. (more...)

John Kerry: The Next Secretary of State

By Phillip Kurata Staff Writer Massachusetts’ John Kerry is moving from the U.S. Senate — where he offered advice and consent on U.S. foreign policy — to the State Department, where he will implement it. On January 29, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved Kerry as the next secretary (more...)

Hattie Caraway: First Woman Elected to U.S. Senate

In the first half of the 20th century, American women made breakthroughs in fields outside their traditional roles as wives and mothers. One was Hattie Caraway (1878–1950), the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate. Her husband, Thaddeus, had been a senator from Arkansas for 11 years, (more...)

Wozniak Calls for Reevaluation of Emissions Testing

State Sen. John N. Wozniak today formally asked the federal government to reconsider vehicle emissions inspection requirements in Pennsylvania. In a resolution introduced in the state Senate, Wozniak said the emission inspections are ineffective and costly. “Today’s cars are cleaner and annual emission testing isn’t as (more...)

Nearly Half Of the Congress Are Millionairs

The Center for Responsive Politics has reported that almost half of members of  the U.S. House and Senate are  millionaires. New study said, that about 47% of Congress, or 249 current members are millionaires, 36 Senate Democrats, and 30 Senate Republicans reported an average net worth in excess of $1 million  in 2010.  (more...)

The Deal Would Increase The Debt Ceiling

President Obama announced on Sunday night that an agreement with Republicans has been struck to raise the debt ceiling. The agreement should be approve by Congress today, August 1. The deal would increase the debt ceiling by more than $2 trillion in two stages. As for spending cuts, about $1 (more...)

Bills to Protect Service Members’ Education

State Sen. Mike Stack’s measures that would protect active-duty members’ status in college and allow certain members of the military notary privileges were approved today by the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. Senate Bill 776 would expand leave-of-absence benefits for members of the military if their college degree requirements (more...)

Don't Use Unemployment Compensation At Casinos

Don’t Use Unemployment Compensation At Casinos!

State Sen. Lisa Boscola (D-Northampton/Luzerne/Monroe) today introduced a floor amendment that would have banned unemployed individuals from accessing their unemployment compensation (UC) from ATM’s in casinos. “Unemployment benefit dollars are intended to be used to help financially-strapped families put food on the table and pay their bills,” Boscola said. “This money was (more...)

New Limitations For Teen Drivers

New Limitations For Teen Drivers

Rep. Katharine Watson, R., Bucks said auto accidents are the leading cause of deaths of teens. That is why two bills to put additional restrictions on young drivers and distracted drivers are moving to the state Senate after approval by the House. One limits the number of passengers that junior drivers, those (more...)

Fire Sprinkler Mandate In New Home Construction

The Pennsylvania Senate voted  to repeal the fire sprinkler mandate in new home construction, a move that will be detrimental to the safety of homeowners and first responders alike, according to state Sen. Mike Stack. “This is an issue of public safety versus builder profits and (more...)


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