Blast in St. Petersburg Metro Kills 11, Injures Dozens

VOA Russian authorities have identified a suspect in Monday's deadly subway bombing in St. Petersburg, the Interfax news agency reports. Interfax says police believe it was a suicide bombing, and they identified the alleged bomber as a 23-year-old man from Central Asia. The
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People Who Build Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

Corruption, bribery and exasperation. There seems to be general agreement among specialists that corruption is particularly widespread in post-communist Russia. Not only is it a major distraction, but it seems to be a business. Looking from the inside out… is Russia too corrupt for American business? Enter Glenn Williamson’s Inside Out: (more...)

G20 Summit in Russia Will Focus on Global Economic Growth

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer Leaders from the Group of 20 (G20) advanced and emerging economies, who are meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 5 and 6, are expected to focus on the importance of global economic growth and job creation, a senior Obama administration official says. “The (more...)

Putin Breaks The Law: Global Speak Out Day Announced By All Out On September 3

Events around the world are planned on September 3rd to call on world leaders to speak out against the anti-gay law and push president Putin for immediate repeal All Out is calling for a global response to Russia’s anti-gay laws ahead of the G20 summit in St Petersburg on September 5 (more...)

Obama Acknowledges “Emerging Differences” Between Russia, U.S.

By Stephen Kaufman Staff Writer President Obama said that while the United States and Russia have made much progress and cooperated on many important issues during the past four years, there are “emerging differences” between the two nations, but still room for both to work together for the betterment (more...)

All Out Condemns St Petersburg, Russia Pride Arrests

60 people were reportedly arrested in St Petersburg for marching in gay Pride “All Out is appalled St Petersburg, Russia Pride attendees were arrested,” Joe Mirabella, Director of Communications for All Out said. “No one should be arrested for celebrating who they are or who they love.” “More than 185,000 people worldwide (more...)

U.S.-Russia Energy Efficiency Cooperation

U.S. Department of State Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs The United States and Russia have an extensive dialogue on issues of energy and energy efficiency aimed at spurring innovation and stimulating the scientific development needed to address the global energy challenges of the 21st century. The U.S.-Russia Energy (more...)

Elections In Russia: Protesters Were Arrested

CNN reported: " While Russian police arrested 170 opposition protesters in two cities, voters in the country's parliamentary election appeared to eat away at Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's support in Sunday's elections, slimming down his party's parliamentary majority". Around 100 opposition protesters were arrested in Moscow according to (more...)


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