Interior Designer Mary Ann Kleschick Rreveals Tricks

Interior designer Mary Ann Kleschick has been turning Philadelphians’ visions of stunning, functional spaces into breathtaking realities for more than 25 years. By combining the essential design elements – form, balance and scale –
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7 Regent Lane Offers A Fine Custom Tailored Suits For Men

"You’ve got to be from a different planet if you don’t understand the importance of a dress shirt especially when you are wearing a suit. Dress shirts are a must have for every man; they’re like a woman’s white button down shirt, flexible and good for almost any (more...)

2011 Philadelphia Fashion Collection

Mayor Nutter with City officials and business leaders will present fashion events and initiatives of The Philadelphia Collection 2011 fashion series. The Philadelphia Collection 2011 is a series of fashion and style events that will take place throughout the city, from September 12-24. The fashion series is designed to promote the (more...)

Comedy Club Moscow Style in Atlantic City

Comedy Club Moscow Style in Atlantic City

One of the most famous Russian stand-up comedy shows is going to visit the United States. "Comedy Club Moscow Style" with its twelve residents will perform to you during the whole weekend in September. From 16th  till 18th of September Caesars  Palace Casino in Atlantic City will held 2 concerts, 2 after-parties, (more...)

Lauren Vidal: Exclusiveness at a Reasonable Price

On these hot summer days we dream of light and airy clothes to make us feel and look great. If that’s your dream too, than hurry up to N’Joy Boutique! Here every woman can find beautiful and unique style for any age and any body type. The (more...)

Angelina Jolie As The New Face Of Louis Vuitton Brand

Angelina Jolie As The New Face Of Louis Vuitton Brand

Do you like how Ms. Jolie wears clothes and uses Vuitton shoulder bag? In April Angelina Jolie got the deal as the new face for the classic brand Louis Vuitton,  worth nearly $10 million, according to E! Online. Famed photographer Annie Lebowitz took the shot with Angelina Jolie presenting the Louis Vuitton (more...)

Eurotronik 1st Annual International Dance Music Festival

1st Annual International Dance Music Festival

And so it begins! The 1st Annual International Dance Music Festival EUROTRONIK comes to Philly on June 25th to celebrate and unite the different cultures of our city under the banner of great dance music. The idea of the festival belongs to Sebastian Odrzywolski aka DJ SEBA from Kolobrzeg, Poland where (more...)

Workforce Wardrobe

For going to work, it is unnecessary to have Scott Disick be your fashion maven. Sure, it’s dedicated when you find a miniscule pinstripe in your shirt and make sure your tie matches, but you already have the job. Spend more time climbing the corporate ladder and less time accessorizing. For (more...)

Discount on Solar Power for Philadelphia

Discount on Solar Power for Philadelphia

A company by the name of One Block Off The Grid (1BOG) is encouraging homeowners to adopt solar power by offering group discounts for panels and installation services.  Through their website, 1BOG describes the three main problems that consumers face when going solar. 1.      Green home improvements are expensive 2.      Big ticket (more...)

Reinstating the Timeless “Out”

With Vogue, Cosmo, and Elle all at the checkout corner at the local CVS, one has to deal with a messy slew of “what’s in” opinions. That cute jade boggle ring you just bought, well it’s “out” now. And those bell-bottoms, or floods, or whatever fashionably-hopeful/ challenged people tried to (more...)

Burglary British Style

Burglary British Style: When Your Home Is Not Your Castle

Village residents in Surrey and Kent, UK, are furious about local police recommendations to remove wire mesh from their windows, because burglars could injure themselves while invading their houses. The residents start reinforcing their property after a series of burglaries. One of the homeowners, Thomas Cooper complained, that his property was (more...)

N’Joy Boutique

N’Joy Boutique presents Cyber Week Offer, running from Monday, November 28, through Monday, December 5, allows you to shop and save: when you spend $200+ in N'Joy Boutique online shop, you receive $50 credit for your next shopping! This great boutique shop in Holland, Pennsylvania, carries a range of unique (more...)


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