Liquor Privatization, Putting People Back to Work In PA

When it was created nearly 80 years ago during the administration of Gov. Gifford Pinchot, the goal of the state store system was to make liquor sales “as inconvenient and expensive as possible.” Lawmakers of Pennsylvania will work
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Police Shot and Wounded Robbery In Northeast Philly

CBS News reported,that " Philadelphia police shot and critically wounded a man they say tried to rob two stores in Northeast Philadelphia just after midnight Thursday". According to authorities, the robbery walked into the 7-Eleven in the 5300 block of Harbison Street and demanded cash. But ran out (more...)

Dickens Village Show

A Philadelphia tradition for more than 20 years, the third floor of Macy’s is transformed into “Dickens Village” for the holiday season. The 6,000-square-foot Village brings Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol to life with more than 100 fully animated figures reenacting 26 of the story’s (more...)

Black Friday Hours for Malls in Philadelphia & New Jersey

The hours listed are the time each mall will open/close on Friday, November 25, 2011. Some stores will be open earlier than the mall, so you may want to contact the store directly to get their opening time. Also, I have included a link back to the (more...)

Old Wanamaker Site To Become 10 New Stores

Old Wanamaker Site To Become 10 New Stores

The Strawbridge and Wanamaker have been famous stores in King of Prussia Mall during long time. But they disappeared as department stores consolidated over the last two decades. And the Plaza is paving the way for the redevelopment of retail space adjacent to it. The Wanamaker (more...)

Giant Food Store Comes to Philadelphia

Giant Food Store is one of the most popular supermarket chains in Pennsylvania  region. The company has 47 locations across Southeastern Pennsylvania and now comes to Philadelphia. The first Philadelphia store will be open July 20 in the 2500 block of Grant Avenue near Roosevelt Boulevard in (more...)

Philadelphia Pipe Organ Celebrates It's 100 Anniversary

Philadelphia Pipe Organ Celebrates It’s 100 Anniversary

The Wanamaker pipe organ, located in Macy’s (former Grand Court) in the Philadelphia Center City, celebrates it’s 100 anniversary, CBS News reported. “This organ actually represents three symphony orchestras in its scope and size,” said Peter Richard Conte. He has been an organist since 1989. And on the anniversary day he (more...)

Three Men Kill Neighborhood Grocer

Police are searching for three cold-blooded murderers that have shot to death a North Philadelphia store owner. 59-year-old Felix Rodriguez – the owner of Los Ingenitos grocery store at 2400 North 9th Street – was shot six times in the face, neck, chest and groin, according to police. On Saturday night Felix (more...)

Proposal Would Modernize PA Wine and Spirits Store Operations

Proposal Would Modernize PA Wine and Spirits Store Operations

In response to Senate Law and Justice Committee hearing on the modernization of the Liquor Control Board operations and in conjunction with the Senate Democrats “Budget Savings Plan,” three Democratic senators are unveiling legislation aimed at modernizing Pennsylvania’s wine and spirit store operations. “We must (more...)

NJ Man Sues Fireworks Store

Thomas Eldershaw of Jackson 19 years old, who lives in Ocean County, was severely injured by fireworks last year. His friend bought fireworks from Pennsylvania store - Sky King Fireworks of Morrisville (Bucks County)  and persuaded him to light a fireworks display, said Tomas. Finally they did. The mortar (more...)

Movie shooting in Flower Shop in Northeast Philly

Movie shooting in Flower Shop in Northeast Philly

A unique interior of Stein Flowers Shop in the Mayfair neighborhood, Philadelphia Northeast, will be an independent movie shot location. The shop owner Patrick Kelly said that the filming team was so impressed with the shop’s look that they have decided to add an extra scene to the original counter (more...)

Electric-Car Charging Stations in Philadelphia

Electric-Car Charging Stations in Philadelphia

A start-up company in San Diego, 350Green, has announced a plan to put up 66-electric car charging stations around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  While the exact locations have yet to be decided, the charging stations will be placed in areas such as grocery store parking lots, malls, and government facilities. There are (more...)

Young Lawbreakers At Philadelphia Mall

Young Lawbreakers At Philadelphia Mall

One day last week 35 teenagers met at Wendy's around dinnertime at 15th and Chestnut, in Center City and started to hassle pedestrians, overturned tables and display signs in the Liberty Place mall. But police officers quickly quelled the unrest by arresting five teens 14-17 years old and dispersing others. Daily News (more...)

“Pick Your Day”

One new thing that the J.C. PENNEY company is offering this year is a "Pick Your Day" event, which gives shoppers a 20% discount on any single day from December 19 through December 24, and a program "Know before you go", that is trying to help consumers avoid a wasted (more...)


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