What Is The Jerusalem Embassy Act? And What’s Next For the U.S. Embassy?

By ShareAmerica When President Trump announced December 6 that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, he also directed the U.S. State Department to begin preparations to move the U.S
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President Trump: ‘Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital’

By ShareAmerica President Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In his speech from the White House, Trump noted that 70 years ago President Truman recognized the state of Israel and said that Jerusalem is the seat of the modern Israeli government, the home of the Knesset as well as (more...)

Top Ten Cities With The Most Beautiful Women

"Travelers Digest" named top ten cities with the world's most beautiful women: First and sixth places - Kiev (Ukraine) and Moscow (Russia). " A visit to Kiev is truly awe-inducing and it's almost hard to believe that women this beautiful even exist. They're also less intimidating (more...)

Israelis On The Edge Calling for Social Justice

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis rallied in the streets of Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities Saturday night, to protest the country's high cost of living, and to demand reforms aimed at achieving social justice. Israeli police and media estimated the turnout of the protests at around


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