To Be Jewish Without Looking Back

Years ago when many of us first crossed the threshold of JCC Klein Branch no one imagined that after many years the president of this center would be a Russian-speaking immigrant. Many of us, who were confused and embarrassed as immigrants,
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“Russian Dolls”: Who Are They?

“If the Soviet authorities had wanted to torture Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn beyond endurance, they would have forced him to watch Russian Dolls.” – said Alessandra Stanley in her review, published in New Your Times. Well, that could not been put more accurately or keenly, if one wished to characterize a new reality (more...)

Dying Teen’s Final Wish

Dying Teen’s Final Wish

Get out the tissue boxes, folks!  This story has just about everything from a tear-jerking movie.  A sick child, unrelenting hope, doting parents, a final dream.  Sounds a lot like a movie.  Actually, it will be!  Let me start from the beginning. Local Cheltenham teenager, Rina Goldberg, (more...)

Another Battle for Woods

Things just keep getting worse for Tiger Woods. First ,he publically crashes his car. Then he was exposed as a serial sex-addict. Then his wife left him. Then he broke his streak as the best golfer and lost two PGA titles in a row. Now, he and his caddie, who (more...)

Homicide Followed by a Party

Last Saturday, a 17-year-old boy from Florida was doing what many teenagers do. He went on Facebook at 1:15 PM and posted that he was having a party that night. Dozens of friends came over that night and proceeded to have a good time. What they did not know, however, was (more...)

Benjamin Franklin Bridge

85th Birthday Of The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

The Benjamin Franklin Bridge celebrates its 85th birthday in July. First time it was opened on July 1, 1926. The project was designed by Paul Philippe Cret and was constructed by Ralph Modjeski. Paul Philippe Cret was born in France, but settled in Philadelphia. He started his firm, that is (more...)

Weiner Walks Away

Weiner Walks Away

Well, I can deny it no longer; apparently my opinion means nothing to our government. Today, June 16th, Anthony Weiner resigned his position as New York’s representative after sending lewd and inappropriate pictures to other women.  Twenty years ago, Weiner began his career as a constitute in Washington.  Twenty years later, (more...)

Northern Liberties A Transformation

“Northern Liberties: A Transformation”

" What makes a neighborhood? Certainly it is shaped by its architectural design, both in its buildings and its streets, as well as its businesses and its government.  Most importantly, it is people - those who live there and those who don’t.  Northern Liberties was the first (more...)

Arnold, You’re Nothing New

Politicians and cheating scandals are becoming so intertwined that it’s hard to keep the numbers straight.  No, not poll numbers or demographic numbers, but the number of women (sometimes men) that they have cheated on their spouse with.  When Clinton cheated, there were two women involved.  The public was shocked (more...)

Helpful Hints for the Summer Season

Helpful Hints for the Summer Season

Upside? It’s summer time! Downside? It’s bathing suit time. We’ll keep this one short and sweet, just like those teeny bikinis. Here’s what swim gear to wear for your body type: To Add Curves Choose swimwear that highlights your body in all the best places.  Keep your body balanced with details on (more...)

Bills to Protect Service Members’ Education

State Sen. Mike Stack’s measures that would protect active-duty members’ status in college and allow certain members of the military notary privileges were approved today by the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee. Senate Bill 776 would expand leave-of-absence benefits for members of the military if their college degree requirements (more...)

City Hall From Neglect to Greatness

City Hall: From Neglect to Greatness

Tell the truth: how often do you admire the magnificence of Philadelphia City Hall, while being in Center City? It’s impossible not to do so - it looks sublime, gorgeous and attractive among skyscrapers, boulevards and variety of architectural styles. But we bet you didn't know that it was supposed (more...)

Savor the Silk Road

Savor the Silk Road

Join the Young Friends of the Penn Museum for an evening exploration of the Silk Road and a taste of its exotic food and drink! Taste beers from around the world, imported from countries along the Silk Road, and enjoy a variety of foods inspired by the (more...)

Clinton on Release of State Department’s Human Rights Report

Clinton on Release of State Department’s Human Rights Report

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Remarks to the Press on the Release of the 2010 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices SECRETARY CLINTON: "Good morning, everyone.  I’m here today to present the 35th annual report to Congress on the state of human rights around the world.  The struggle for human (more...)

Don’t Forget To Change Clocks

Don’t Forget To Change Clocks

In the United States, Daylight Saving Time commences at 2:00 a.m. begins on the second Sunday in March. Each time zone switches at a different time. 2:00 a.m. was originally chosen as the changeover time because it minimized disruption. Most people are at home. It prevents the day from switching to (more...)


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