Two Shot Dead on University Campus in California

VOA News Two people were shot dead Wednesday at the University of California, Los Angeles, prompting authorities to temporarily lock down the campus. Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck says the shooting was a murder-suicide. He described both victims as male
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DNA, Like You’ve Never Heard It

Michael Gallant Rie Takahashi, a young scientist from Los Angeles, has discovered an unexpected new tool that can help anyone, anywhere, begin to understand the hidden secrets of human genetics — the iPod. “In my junior year at the University of California, Los Angeles, I took a seminar that (more...)

Martian Geography Bears Marks of Tectonic Plates

Earth’s crust is composed of seven tectonic plates, which shift, collide and occasionally cause earthquakes. The surface of Mars is composed of similar structures, a NASA/University of California-Los Angeles geologist reports in an August publication, and may be subject to some of the same hazards. “Mars is (more...)


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