Mural Feedback Summarized

Thank you everybody for the great discussion about proposed First Community Mural. 26 people made 175 comments in less than two weeks expressed their opinions and ideas on both Philadelphia News website and Russian Philly parents group on
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Why I Will Vote For Mitt Romney?

One young man, who was raised in America, during an arguing 4 years ago voiced  a brilliant notion: “Maybe our American socialism would be better then your Soviet one.” Blessed innocence! Being among college youth, which was agitated for Democrats and Obama, he fell prey to this propaganda. Isn’t that familiar! However, (more...)

Russian Mafia – a Convenient Stereotype?

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Stalin’s Daughter Died in the U.S.

Svetlana Peters (née Alliluyeva), the daughter of Soviet ruler Josef Stalin, died in Wisconsin on November 22nd at the age of 85, though the news of her passing away was announced by local authorities only today. In 1967 she went to India to participate in funeral ceremony for her late husband (more...)

Is Georgia Better Off Now Than Before Rose Revolution?

The former Soviet State of Georgia threw off its corrupt and undemocratic government in the Rose Revolution of November 2003, which opened a new chapter in the history of modern Georgia. The post revolution government achieved a number of successes in areas such as fighting corruption,  actively pursuing foreign investments, (more...)

Movie Takes Unusual View of Chernobyl Disaster

At the Berlin film festival “Berlinale” among other films a movie “Innocent Saturday” about the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion was presented. The main character young party official Valery Kabysh learns of the terrible disaster which USSR authorities cover up from the general public. A monstrous surge of radiation remains (more...)


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