Ohio: One Student Killed, Four Injured In School Shooting

One student has been killed and four injured in a high school shooting in Chardonnay, Ohio, on Monday morning. The teenager opened fire in a crowded school cafeteria. A student who witnessed the attack told US media it appeared that
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Wallenberg’s Life-Giving Legacy

The following op-ed by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was published by the New York Times on January 16. Tuesday begins a yearlong celebration of the life of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who chose not to be indifferent when faced with great evil. Raoul Wallenberg was born (more...)

Penn State University Protest

One of the most famous coaches in American sport Joe Paterno was fired after a child abuse scandal in Penn State University. He has been accused of failing to notify the authorities about his long-serving assistant, Jerry Sandusky, who was arrested, sexually abused eight boys. Mr Patero was a (more...)

Human Trafficking Legislation Approved By Senate Committee

State Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Delaware/Montgomery) today held a press conference to announce the approval of his human trafficking hotline bill by the Senate Labor and Industry Committee. That bill, Senate Bill 338, would require posting of the Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline in establishments with a liquor (more...)

Students Fall Victim of Drug Dealers

CBS News reported, that " the past year several Temple and Drexel students have been the victims of violent home invasions near campus. The violence was the price the students had to pay because of their drug dealing ways". Philadelphia Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers said to (more...)

Catholic Church Releases List of Scorned Clergy

Ay… just when you think the Catholic church's reputation can't get any worse, Cardinal Sean O'Malley recently released the long-anticipated names of the 248 priests in the Boston area alone who were accused of child sexual abuse in the last 50 years.  O'Malley chose not to include the names of (more...)

Disastrous Earthquakes in Japan

A disastrous earthquake, that shook Japan on Friday around 2AM EST, is estimated to have reached 8.8 points. It is the most terrible earthquake in the history of Japan. It was followed by a number of smaller aftershocks with magnitude up to 6 points. From the epicenter, located in the (more...)


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