Why Is It So Hard to Accept People Who May Believe Differently Than You?

K.d. Blogs by PNSBTV One word, ignorance. Why are we still living in a world that has had so many diverse leaders of all different race, religion and beliefs and yet, we as “the people” of the “land of the free,” are
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During European Trip, Arab Spring Is on Agenda

By Jeff Baron Staff Writer The setting for President Obama’s trip this week is Europe, but a major topic on the agenda will be North Africa and the Middle East. The goal is a more democratic, more prosperous region. The president set the stage by delivering a major policy speech on the Middle (more...)

Fashion No-Nos That Apply No More

Two months ago I wrote a piece on the “outs” in fashion; those things you dare to wear that would make Gaga cringe. However, there’s plenty of fabulous pieces on a general fashion “don’t” list that simply do not belong there. Many things that were on such a list no (more...)

Michelle Obama About White House Garden

A news book will be write by U.S. first lady Michelle Obama. It is about the kitchen garden she started at the White House and "describes how she was inspired to plant the first edible garden on the White House's South Lawn since Eleanor Roosevelt's (more...)


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