$375,000 Donation For Workready Summer Jobs From Goldman Sachs Gives

Mayor Michael A. Nutter, joined by Goldman Sachs Executive Vice President John F.W. Rogers and Philadelphia Youth Network President and CEO Stacy Holland, announced a $375,000 donation from Goldman Sachs Gives, the firm’s donor-advised fund, to
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American DV-2014 Diversity Visa Green Card Lottery Starts

Every year, the United States Government makes available 50,000 diversity visas (DV) or green cards through the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the Green Card Lottery. These green cards are randomly given to people that apply by a computer generated drawing program. Anyone who (more...)

Department of Labor: Manage Unemployment Compensation Claims Online

Filing and managing unemployment compensation claims online is the easiest, most convenient way for claimants to work with the Department of Labor & Industry, Secretary Julia K. Hearthway said today. "Many of Pennsylvania's unemployment compensation services are available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a (more...)

Barack Obama About US Jobs Plan

In Us the national unemployment rate in August was 9.1 %. This and other data have raised fears the U.S. economy could slide into another recession. What to do? US President Barack Obama announced an "American Jobs Act", which should create new jobs. The plan includes a $450bn package of (more...)

Solobay Calls Legislature to Get Head Start on Shale

Sen. Tim Solobay (D-Washington) today called on legislative colleagues to return to Harrisburg at least one week early in order to complete work on Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale energy policy. “We were supposed to address this issue before we left town last month. We had a bill (more...)

New Peace Corps Volunteers Pledge Service in Ukraine

The Peace Corps remains committed to promoting peace, friendship and intercultural understanding as a new class of American volunteers take their oath of service to the Corps’ Ukraine program. The volunteers will teach English, organize youth health and exercise after-school programs, and renovate libraries and computer (more...)

Celebrating 80 Years of Fine Art in Philadelphia

Celebrating 80 Years of Fine Art in Philadelphia by Organizing 2 of the Country's Most Respected Art Shows June & September 2011 Who could have known, so many years ago, that the efforts of a few students, looking for a way to exhibit their art work, would 80 years later become one of the most respected and (more...)

Cottman Ave Lane Openings Near I-95

Cottman Ave. Lane Openings Near I-95

State Sen. Mike Stack and Rep. Mike McGeehan announced today that the two westbound lanes of Cottman Avenue were opened as part of the ongoing project to improve the Cottman/Princeton interchange of Interstate 95 in Northeast Philadelphia. "This is good news as the unofficial start of summer begins,” Stack said. “This (more...)

Workforce Wardrobe

For going to work, it is unnecessary to have Scott Disick be your fashion maven. Sure, it’s dedicated when you find a miniscule pinstripe in your shirt and make sure your tie matches, but you already have the job. Spend more time climbing the corporate ladder and less time accessorizing. For (more...)

Dance Projects Win $929,000

Nine dance projects in the region have been awarded grants from the Pew Center for Arts and Heritage totaling $929,000.  One project included in the grant is the Voloshky Ukranian Dance Ensemble which received $150,000 to perform an original work by choreographer Mark Morris. A $50,000 grant was given to Brenda (more...)

Gates Reflects on U.S.-Russian Cooperative Relations

Gates Reflects on U.S.-Russian Cooperative Relations

By Merle David Kellerhals Jr. Staff Writer Reflecting on current relations between Russia and the United States, Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the two former Cold War foes have come a very long way, and in a real sense the relationship can be defined by a single word: cooperation. “I (more...)

Nissan,Toyota and Mazda Restare Production

Nissan,Toyota & Mazda Restare Production

Toyota Motors, Honda Motors and Mazda will announce plans to restart production. But it doesn't mean that they have started to work at full capacity. Analysts said that production will depend on the supply of parts. Nissan Motors already resumed work at six of its factories, without which company production (more...)

‘The Terrible Girls’

Azuka Theatre will conclude its 11th season with the World Premiere of Jacqueline Goldfinger’s 'The terrible girls'. This new work began its journey as a one-act in the company’s Spotlight Series: New Play Readings in 2009. Now a full-length play, this will be Azuka’s ninth world premiere. A wicked dark comedy of (more...)

New Philadelphia Riviera

“It was the dawn of the Frankford Art Corridor when the sun rose on Bambi Gallery. The cusp of the long awaited New Philadelphia Riviera was taking shape in Fishtown in the heady, swinging, carefree days of 2005, and the Little Art Gallery That Could was leading the transformation,”- says (more...)


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