Temple-Fox Chase Merger Will Strengthen Health Care in the Region

State Sen. Mike Stack joined officials from Fox Chase Cancer Center and Temple University Health System to mark the merger of the two health systems during a celebration at the cancer center.

Fox Chase, a formerly independent facility located on Cottman Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia, is now a part of the Temple University Health System.

Stack, a member of the Temple University Board of Trustees, said the acquisition will strengthen health care in the Philadelphia region.

“Temple is a renowned academic medical center that is educating and training our future doctors and Fox Chase is a leading cancer research institution and a Northeast Philadelphia landmark,” Stack said. “Most importantly, they are both beacons of hope for the patients who walk through their doors, and now that beacon shines brighter with this merger.”

Under the acquisition, Fox Chase Cancer Center’s 2,500 jobs will be maintained and its revenue is expected to triple to $1 billion in five years. Additionally, Fox Chase will be able to utilize space at nearby Jeanes Hospital, which is also in the Temple University Health System.

“Northeast Philadelphia is fortunate to have a network of Temple health facilities to access,” Stack said. “Together, Temple and Fox Chase will contribute to further advances in cancer prevention and treatment, with the ultimate goal of curing this disease.”

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