The Feisty 50s Feel Better Than Ever

But only 13% of the over 50’s say that their priority is to see their children happily married

• A ¼ feel 10-14 years younger

• 22% say health is the most important priority

• 45% feel so confident they don’t care what others think

LONDON: November 27th 2014: New research out today can reveal that the over 50s are riding a wave of confidence and health, focusing on their spouse and their happiness over their children’s security.

Silvercard+ who undertook the survey found a ¼ said they feel 10-14 years younger than their age and while 51% say the best thing about getting older is only doing the things they like, 45% say they no longer care what people think about them. Over a third of this confident bunch says that their spouse is the most important thing in their lives. But only 13% of the over 50’s say that their priority is to see their children happily married

The survey shows that although the population may be aging, it’s not feeling older with 45% feeling more youthful than their parents felt at the same age. Health comes second in their top ten list of priorities:

1) 49% would like financial security
2) 33% said health is their priority
3) 33% said they wanted to see their grandchildren grow up
4) A third said they wanted to avoid stress
5) 28% said happiness was more important than money
6) 26% said they wanted to spend time with their families
7) 23% said fulfillment in life was a priority
8) Travelling the world was important for 21%
9) Just 13% were concerned that their children were happily married
10) Only 6% wanted to help their children buy their own homes

Martin Lock CEO, said: “These results show that confidence grows with age and that by the time you’re 50 you no longer worry about the things that mattered so much before. This could be why the over 50’s feel up to 14 years younger, they are no longer worrying about things they can’t change and they place health as a top priority. We launched Silvercard+ to help this group of feisty 50’s enjoy even more of the finer things in life, by offering great discounts on great brands.”

The new discount card has been specifically designed for the over 50s, which gives them access to exclusive offers and deals from retailers, travel companies, airlines, hotels, technology and entertainment companies which have been specifically negotiated for this audience by”

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