The House That Chroma Dolls Built

As the summer came to a close, the art collective known as Chroma Dolls let the world know just how busy they’ve been transferring their talent from their mind to their paintbrushes for the betterment of the Philadelphia area and it’s surrounding region. The biggest of those projects was a mural sponsored by The City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Contracted and working with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts program, artists Ali Williams and Kala Hagopian worked through the summer for a final November installation of the heartwarming mural: Forever Home

The finished project culminating at a spectacular 2700 square feet, Forever Home may have been painted and installed from September to November, but the massive undertaking by Chroma Dolls actually spanned a period of ten months. Ali and Kala worked with PAWS since February 2014 to make sure this mural came out exactly as intended. The decided upon final design was a cross-section view of the interior of a lived in house, showcasing colorful, warm homes for happy pets of all breeds.

Forever Home was created for the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).  We worked closely with PAWS on the design to create a mural that speaks to their mission (adopt, donate, foster, and volunteer).  It was most important that we paint a literal interpretation of animals in a warm, caring environment.  The aesthetic of the mural captures a cross section view of a loving home where animals can be found well cared for, content, and part of a family.

This mural was a great opportunity to work with an organization whose initiative speaks to us.” – Kala Hagopian & Ali Williams, Chroma Dolls

Furthermore, this project wasn’t just a collaboration between Mural Arts, PAWS, and Chroma Dolls, as all parties wanted to see the community get involved. Chroma Dolls offered individual commissioned portraits of pets for owners to treasure in their own homes. And on October 11th, Chroma Dolls were present at the 2014 Paws Mutt Strut at the Navy Yard where sections of the mural were available to be painted by participants.

To see this wonderful addition to Philadelphia’s world-renowned collection of murals and to meet Ali and Kala themselves, the PAWS dedication is scheduled for December 14th at 2pm, located at1810 Grant Avenue, 19115.

As busy as Chroma Dolls were perfecting Forever Home, that didn’t stop them from acquiring exciting new projects and attending events of great importance. Notably, Chroma Dolls made an appearance at this year’s Pennsylvania Conference for Women. There, in the presence of over 3000 women, including the likes of Diane Keaton, the community of women in Philadelphia had the opportunity to engage in a custom mural.

With an extraordinary focus in community engagement, Chroma Dolls have upcoming projects working with two very important demographics. First, currently in the planning stages, Chroma Dolls is in talks with The Hillside School, the leading independent day school in the Lehigh Valley dedicated to educating children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia or other language-based learning disabilities. With more information about this project to come, the aim is to explore various themes through the creative process of mural making, having Chroma Dolls lead workshops where the students will have the opportunity to participate in the mural from start to finish.

Secondly, Chroma Dolls are excited to announce that they are the recipients of the 2014/2015 New Courtland Artist Fellowship through The Center for Emerging Visual Artists. Through this fellowship, visual artists were selected to bring innovative and engaging art-making to seniors in sites throughout Philadelphia.

“We’re hoping to create a project that builds a sense of community between older adults and youth, allowing them to share their life experiences and stories through the creative process of mural making. While sharing creative ideas, participants will focus on the transmission of story from one generation to the next.” – Kala Hagopian & Ali Williams, Chroma Dolls

And while on the subject of awards, Chroma Dolls were also the winners of Project Street Art. Ten local and international artists were selected by a panel of judges to create murals for the town of Stroudsburg, PA. Chroma Dolls designed and painted a mural for the exterior wall of Friedman Electric, one of 10 public mural locations. Not only that, but their mural design was chosen to represent Project Street Art on the cover of Local Flair Magazine.

In addition to working with the community to create memorable works of art, Chroma Dolls are also available for individual commissions. To check out all their work or get in contact with them regarding commissions or any other questions/comments, please visit them at, or on social media:

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