“The Mood of The City”

The Mood of The City

Pew (Philadelphia Research Initiative) poll relized results of new survey.

Based on the survey, Philadelphians are evenly divided (40 percent/39 percent) over whether we’re on the right or wrong track.

“This year, 60 % of residents rate their neighborhoods as excellent or good places to live, down from 65 % in 2009. Ratings for  lower assessments of the quality of life in the neighborhoods and most city services, including libraries and street repair, are down anywhere from 1 to 13% points.

Sixty-two percent rate the city an excellent or good place to live and only 19% expect the city to get worse in the next five years. In the poll, 69 % of residents report feeling proud to say that they live in the Philadelphia area”.

Initiative shows a downward drift in Philadelphians’ attitudes about their city and its government.

Mayor Nutter’s approval is almost the same what it was a year ago (52% vs. 53%) though his negatives are up five points.

Survey says, “as a group, Philadelphians remain disheartened about their own economic situations. More than half of all city residents—52%—report that they or someone in their household was unemployed and looking for work at some point in the last 12 months. Sixty-three percent describe their finances as “only fair” or poor”.

Philadelphians’ are divided on whether we want more services/higher taxes or less/lower. 53 % are in favor of gambling, 43% want a second casino in the city, only 2% of all respondents, a total of 31 people, said they had gambled more last year due to having casinos nearby in the city and suburbs.

Public transportation ratings are down five points since 2009.

As for quality of life in the neighborhoods, 60% of residents rate their neighborhoods as good or excellent.  The good/excellent ratings by neighborhood are as follows: Northeast Philadelphia—74%, Northwest Philadelphia—63%, South Philadelphia—59%, West Philadelphia—57% and North Philadelphia—40%.

And roughly equal numbers of Philadelphians see their city as being “headed in the right direction” (40 %) as view it as “off on the wrong track” (39%).

Philadelphians remain optimistic that the tough times for their hometown will not last. Over the next five years, only 59%  expect the city to get better, compared to 19% thinking it’ll get worse.

The survey was conducted between January 31 and February 13, 2011, among a citywide random sample of 1,604 residents, ages 18 and older. The two previous benchmark surveys were taken in January 2009 and 2010.

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