The Ninth-Grader Charged For Threats To Council Rock School

On Friday morning when the driver attempts to get to the bank or store in Bucks County aria, they found that most of the roads were blocked, and the helicopters were circling over the town.

In the office of the newspaper of “Philadelphia news” we found the message, that have been left apparently in the early morning. The message informed that Emmaus High School (Council Rock School District) is closed, as police combed the building in response to a threat. School web-site said they received the threat Thursday night and immediately canceled Friday classes:

“This evening the school district received information about a threat that was specific to Council Rock South.  Northampton Township police department conducted an investigation that culminated in the arrest of a CR South student who was taken into police custody.  As a precaution, CR South is closed to allow the police to conduct a security sweep of the building to ensure that the school is safe for students and staff. “

Letter local media reported:” Northampton Township police arrested a Council Rock High School South student.The ninth-grader was taken into custody Thursday night after a student alerted a parent that the teen verbally made a threat that he would bring a gun and knives into the school Friday morning to kill students and teachers.”

At home located on Cypress Avenue police found two 9 mm handguns and a fake AK 47 in the 14-year-old’s bedroom, according to officials.

Police also arrested boy’s parents; 50-year-old Lizabeth Donohoe and 48-year-old Mario Russo. Officers reported seeing numerous air soft weapons and knives, machetes and swords, fire pellets and marijuana in the mother’s possession. Donohoe was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Mario Russo was charged with obstruction of the administration of justice and resisting arrest and released pending summons.

Investigators said to NBC News that it appears no other students were involved in the threats.

The 14-year-old is being held at the Bucks County Detention Center, according to police.

“He was going to bring weapons into the school and he was going to kill and harm people at the facility,” said Northhampton Township Police Chief Barry Pilla to CBS News.

“We can choose to live in fear for these kinds of things, or we can take some degree of solace knowing and comfort in the fact that kids reported well,” said Superintendent Mark Klien during a news conference Friday.

Is this the epidemic of violence and lack of control? What do you think? What is its real cause? Share your thoughts …

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