The Richest Dog In Florida

Gail Posner was a member of one of Miami Beach’s richest and most notorious families, but she died without so much as an obit in the Herald and with most of her family refusing to comment. Now a legal battle is brewing surrounding her will that has led the Wall Street Journal to commission perhaps one of the oddest of its famed stipple portraits in the paper’s history: that of a chihuahua in a bejeweled collar and a wig.

In her later life Posner had gone on something of a bizarre press rampage promoting her beloved pet chihuahua, Conchita, as the most spoiled dog in the world.

Now Conchita and her “sisters” will be able to afford all the Range Rovers a rover could ever want. Posner left them a $3 million trust-fund and the right to continue living in her $8.3 million Miami Beach mansion.

Her only son, Brett Carr, only got $1 million and is disputing the will in court.

The case of Carr v. Conchita will not be headed to court; instead Carr is suing the personal aides who Posner surrounded herself with later in life that he believes took advantage of his sick mother and drastically changed her will.

Combined, the aides, including body guards and housekeepers, were left $26 million and one was given the right to live in the mansion to care for the dogs.

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