The Storm Has Caused Delays at Philadelphia International Airport

Sunday’s storm has caused delays at Philadelphia International Airport. According to Fox news, “major storms caused flooding, and knocked out the power at Terminal A East, affecting US Airways and American flights. A staffer says the power was down for four and a half hours”.

More than seven inches of  rain was reported in PHL, causing power outages as well as flight delays. Many said they were stuck on the tiremac as soon as they landed.

Airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica says to CBS News, that “the biggest problem was a total blackout in Terminal A East:

“Representatives are on hand to make sure passengers are being accomodated and informed.”

And she says crews are working diligently to get everything back to normal.

For up-to-date flight information Click here or call 1-800-PHL-GATE.

Flooding has also become a nightmare for drivers. Some people say they were stuck in their cars now for hours.

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