Tornado In Northest Of Philadelphia

CBS News, NBC News and other stations reported about the  tornado that hit Northeast of Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon:  the huge cloud descend on the 9800 block of Northeast Avenue. And destroyed a building that houses four businesses – The Beer Hut,R & R Car Repair and others.
The strong storms that barreled through parts of the Delaware Valley left some areas with flash flooding.
According to the The National Weather Service (NWS), the damaging winds were estimated at 75 miles-per-hour and was about 100 feet wide.
Giant pieces of roof flew everywhere.

That time  Rick Ciecka made a delivery to The Beer Hut. He didn’t know yet that it was a twister, but he dove into his truck for cover.
“It started rocking back and forth and I looked up and saw the cloud spinning and pulling and the roof was gone!”

It was the first tornado in Philadelphia since 1999. And we’ve only had seven others in the city since 1950.

The National Weather Service (NWS) confirms an EF zero tornado touched down parts of Montgomery County, the water levels were high and emergency crews were called to help people who were stranded in their cars.

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  1. Между прочим, вчера, 5-18-11, внучка вернулась на школьном автобусе домой позже, так как отъезд был задержан из-за угрозы торнадо. Мне это известие показалось несколько странным. Однако сегодня, глядя на картинку, я несколько изменил свое мнение об окружающей нас Америке.


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