Tornadoes Strucked US

Tornadoes Strucked US

At least 44 people died during three days of severe weather across several southern US states.

The storms first struck Oklahoma, than Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia.

In North Carolina 62 tornadoes left a trail of destruction in the worst storm to hit the state. North Carolina Governor said the number of tornadoes was the highest since 1984 and declared a state of emergency.

A lot of homes in North Carolina were without power on Sunday, press reported. Trees and power lines have been felled by the storms, which have torn roofs off houses and overturned cars.

” The trio had been sheltering inside their their double-wide trailer when it was thrown about 500 ft by the winds, landing on its roof”.

The Weather Service said some mobile homes collapsed. Six of the seven fatalities in Arkansas were caused when uprooted trees smashed into houses, National Weather Service  said.

The storms have now moved out over the Atlantic.

But like officials said a storms in the South was not unusual for April. Tornado season typically runs from March to early July in the US, moving from south to north and kill an average of 70 people a year.

NoThe worst U.S. outbreak of tornadoes on record occurred on April 3-4, 1974, when 307 people were killed by 148 twisters in 13 states.

Storms, some severe, also were expected Saturday from the Florida Panhandle through eastern and southern Georgia, according to

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