Tourism: $10 Billion Industry In Philadelphia

Annual Report Cover Photo: B. Krist for VISIT PHILADELPHIA™

VISIT PHILADELPHIA Annual Report Shows New Confidence & Record Numbers

The VISIT PHILADELPHIA annual report, titled Philadelphia’s New Confidence, demonstrates the importance of the tourism and travel industry—with $10 billion in economic impact, for starters.

“Greater Philadelphia’s travel industry enhances the quality of life for residents,” said Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of VISIT PHILADELPHIA. “Visitor spending generates taxes for our local and state governments, supports jobs for locals and results in destination attractors—museums, art, festivals, restaurants and parks—that we can enjoy all the time.”

2013 Numbers:

  • Greater Philadelphia welcomed 39 million day and overnight visitors.
  • Visitor spending in Greater Philadelphia:
    • Generated $10 billion in economic impact—or $27.5 million every day.
    • Supported 90,000 full-time jobs.
    • Generated $636 million in state and local taxes. That’s money that then supports priority programs such as schools and sanitation.

The Leisure Story:

  • Of the region’s 39 million visitors, 34.4 million were here for a leisure purpose.
  • Of the 3 million hotel room nights occupied in Center City Philadelphia, 31% were leisure stays.
    • That’s 924,000 leisure room nights—264% more than in 1997, when VISIT PHILADELPHIA began marketing the region as a leisure destination.
    • In 1997, leisure made up only 14% of the market mix in Center City.
  • Today, Center City has nearly twice as many hotel rooms available—2.5 million in 1997 versus 4.1 million in 2013. Filling them takes more work and more results from all the sectors than it did in 1997.

VISIT PHILADELPHIA’s annual report, Philadelphia’s New Confidence, and its seventh annual Hospitality Leaders Luncheon were supported by a generous sponsorship from PNC.

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