Tweed Ride in Philadelphia

124 dashing dandies and dames on bicycles took to the streets of Philadelphia for a couple of hours. They were dressed in dashing wool caps, silk scarfs, ascots, or bow tie accenting the neck, and of course the Argyle socks. It was a November Tweed Ride in Philadelphia.

This movement has a short story – first Tweed Run started in London in 2009. A group on bicycles rode through the center of London, in which the cyclists were dressed in traditional British attire. Then Tweed Ride appeared in different variations in Boston, San-Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Toronto, Paris, Riga, Sydney, Tokyo etc.

Members of Tweed Ride prefer to spend time in a company of interesting people, and have informative and fun pastime. And it’s not just eccentric attire.
They believe that “there are many different societies, where people dress up in clothes of a certain period, and the next day just return to their worn jeans. Tweed Ride is a style of life”. An effort to recreate the spirit of a bygone era is always appreciated.

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