Two Charged With Human Trafficking In Philadelphia

Omelyan and Stepan Botsvynyuk are brothers from Ukraine. They are charging with human trafficking and are now on trial in federal court in Philadelphia.

According to CBS News (Reported by Tony Hanson, KYW Newsradio 1060), ” authorities allege they were part of a band of five brothers who worked the scheme that reached from the Ukraine to the US and, ultimately, to Philadelphia”.

Federal prosecutor Randall Hsai says the brothers smuggled young Ukrainian men and women to the US and were ” forcing the illegal immigrants to work long hours for little or no pay and using threats and force, including rape, to keep them from fleeing”.

But still Hsai says some did eventually flee.

But brothers Botsvynyuk have pleaded not guilty. Their lowers said the workers were willing participants, but that some stole from the brothers and fled. The defense suggests the illegals are now lying to get visas to stay in US.

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