Interim Authorities In Kiev, A New National Unity Government

Some facts about Ukraine for last days:

” On Saturday, parliament voted to dismiss President Yanukovych and set early elections for May 25. Parliament also elected a new speaker, Oleksandr Turchynov, a longtime Tymoshenko ally. He has temporarily taken over presidential responsibilities. Former speaker and government supporter Volodymyr Rybak resigned.

“A top Ukrainian opposition politician has assumed the post of interim president less than a day after the country’s former leader Victor Yanukovych was dismissed from office.”

” Ukraine’s parliament has been meeting in a special Sunday session in an attempt to start forming a new national unity government”

” Former prime minister Tymoshenko was released from the prison on Saturday. Ukrainians gave her a hero’s welcome when she spoke to protesters in Kyiv Saturday, urging them to continue their demonstrations”.

” Ukrainian protesters took control of President Yanukovych’s offices in Kyiv Saturday. Others let themselves onto the grounds of the president’s lavish but secret estate outside Kyiv, which includes a private zoo, and toured his house.”

” Yanukovych, who had fled Kyiv for the eastern city of Kharkiv, said parliament’s decisions are illegal. He likened the opposition to Nazis and insisted that he will not resign or leave Ukraine. However, Yanukovych has been left almost powerless. His Cabinet promised to back a new government, the police said it supported the opposition, and the army said it will not get involved”” .

People visit makeshift memorials to the victims of the recent clashes in central Kiyv on February 23, 2014. ​Protests erupted in November when President Yanukovych backed out of a trade deal with the European Union in favor of closer ties to Russia. Nearly 100 people were killed, including some protesters shot in the head by police snipers”.
Acting interior minister Arsen Avakhov announced an arrest warrant for ousted president Viktor Yanukovych in a Facebook statement Monday.

“An official case for the mass murder of peaceful citizens  has been opened. Yanukovich and other people responsible for this have been declared wanted.” He said Yanukovych was last seen in the pro-Russian Crimea region of Ukraine, but the ousted leader’s exact whereabouts are not clear.

Russia cast doubt on the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian authorities, declaring that Russian citizens’ lives were under threat there, and contacted NATO to express concern.

” European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton arrived in Kiev to discuss measures to shore up the ailing economy, which the finance ministry said needs urgent financial assistance to avoid default”.

” There is a deep split in the country between those who want Ukraine to favor relations with Europe and those who want closer ties with Russia. Ousted president Viktor Yanukovych backed out of a trade deal with the EU in November, setting off protests that led to him being kicked out of office.”

” Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev said interim authorities in Kiev had conducted an “armed mutiny. And the Russian foreign ministry said dissenters in mainly Russian-speaking regions faced suppression”.

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