Vladimir Putin will give an interview to Larry King on CNN

The press secretary of the Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed to Interfax that Vladimir Putin will give an interview to the journalist Larry King on CNN TV. According to Peskov, an interview with the Russian Prime Minister in the form of a teleconference between Russia and the U.S. will be shown on CNN today at 21:00 local time.

The interview is to last about 40 minutes.

When Larry King asked what had happened to the nuclear-poweed Kursk submarine during his interview with Vladimir in 2000, Putin, five months into his first presidential term, simply replied: “It sank.” In August 2000, an explosion onboard the submarine left 118 dead in one of the greatest tragedies in Russian naval history.

Today Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin tells CNN’s Larry King his thoughts on the arms race and President Obama.

King, 76, who made it into the Guinness Book of World Records earlier this year for the longest-running television show hosted by the same person, on the same network and in the same time slot. Larry King Live on CNN was launched in 1985.In June, he announced he would step down in the fall.

One of the question from CNN interview: “Human rights groups have complained that post-Soviet freedoms and independent voices have been squelched under Putin’s rule. In one of the U.S. State Department documents released by the website WikiLeaks this week, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is quoted telling his French counterpart that “Russian democracy has disappeared and the government was an oligarchy run by the security services.”

Watch the entire interview tonight at 9pm ET!

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