Voter ID Decision Not a Solution to Larger Problem of Voter Disenfranchisement

State Sen. LeAnna Washington (D- Montgomery/Philadelphia)released the following statement regarding the Commonwealth Court’s partial injunction to temporarily halt portions of the state’s new voter identification law:

“Today’s ruling shows me we still have a long way to go to protect voters’ rights in Pennsylvania.  This selective injunction is not a solution to the larger problem that the voter identification law, signed by Governor Corbett, is still in effect.

Judge Simpson’s ruling also reveals a deeper problem: the Corbett Administration’s botched rollout and implementation of this law. Throughout this process, the administration’s ineptitude has left voters confused about the proper identification needed to comply with the law.

Voters trusted that Governor Corbett would protect their rights. What does it say about his administration’s handling of the Voter ID law which has been characterized by clumsiness, disregard for the poor and underserved, and pandering to special interests?

Based on their track record, how can this administration ensure that our local election workers are equipped to implement this law on Election Day so that no registered voter is turned away?

Voters in Pennsylvania have been scrambling to comply with this law. They have sacrificed their time and money to comply with a poorly written and sloppily implemented law.  The Corbett Administration has continued to show disrespect and disregard for the effect that this law has had on the poor, minorities, women, veterans, college students, elderly, and the disabled.

What voters deserve are answers. Answers to why this law needed to be halted in the first place. Answers to how this Administration plans to comply with the injunction moving forward. Answers to how voters’ constitutional rights will be protected in future elections.

Today’s decision is just a temporary fix to a much larger problem and we must join together as concerned citizens, leaders, and voters to ensure that our voices are not silenced.

Voters in the 4th senatorial district need to know that they can vote on November 6, 2012 without being asked to show photo ID.  They are encouraged to show an ID; however, cannot be prohibited from voting for failing to produce a photo ID. I encourage anyone with questions about this ruling to contact my office and my staff and I will do our best to assist them.”

State Senator LeAnna Washington can be found on Twitter (@Sen_Washington) and Facebook (under “State Senator LeAnna Washington”).  For more information, visit

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