When Everything is Illuminated

“Everything Is Illuminated” is the first novel by the American writer Jonathan Safran Foer, published in 2002. It was an accomplished debut, as a novel about the Holocaust.

” Everything Is Illuminated” also is a 2005 ambitious debut film from Liev Schreiber and starring Elijah Wood and Eugene Htz.

It is about…A young American Jewish man Jonathan Safran Foer, a philosophy student at Princeton, begins an exhausting quest — aided by a nave Ukranian translator — to find the righteous gentile woman Augustine who saved his grandfather’s life during the Nazi liquidation of Trachimbrod.

Armed with maps, cigarettes and many copies of an old photograph of Augustine and his grandfather, Jonathan begins his adventure with Ukrainian native “Alex” Perchov, who is Foer’s age and very fond of American pop culture, and studied English at his university. Alex’s “blind” grandfather and his “deranged seeing-eye bitch,” Sammy Davis, Jr., Jr., accompany them on their journey. Throughout the book and move, the meaning of love is deeply examined.

Enjoy “Everything Is Illuminated” in these days, when the world is celebrating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah lights…

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