When The Cough Could’t Stop

The virus season started and many doctors’ offices are filling up with coughing patients. They have been sick for weeks or more.

Chief of infectious diseases at Holy Redeemer Hospital, Dr. Richard Tepper said to CBS News, that “there are two viruses going around: one’s the common cold, the other is the one that seems to last a lifetime”.

“It affects the lining of the lung and, even if the virus dies, it takes time for your body to heal and cough can persist and it’s not uncommon for this in younger children to cause wheezing,” Tepper explained.

If it’s a virus, antibiotics don’t help, but over-the-counter medicines can ease the symptoms, doctor said.

“It causes bronchitis, bronchiolitis, general lower respiratory tract infection. It can cause pneumonia, it can lag on and be severe and you can get it again,” he added.

There is just one way, that coul help to prevent the infarction – to cover your mouth when coughing and wash your hands a lot.

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  1. Onions and Honey – this is another one of the effective home remedies on how to stop coughing. Simmer chopped onions in water until soft. Mix honey with onions. Then, strain the onions after boiling for 15 minutes. Drink 2 tablespoons in one day or more.

  2. Athan Middleton says:

    It is more effective if you just combine the lemon and honey and drink as is without adding water. A tablespoon of honey to a lemon, three to four times per day is good. The honey also works well with lime or grapefruit.


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