Why I Will Vote For Mitt Romney?

One young man, who was raised in America, during an arguing 4 years ago voiced  a brilliant notion: “Maybe our American socialism would be better then your Soviet one.”

Blessed innocence! Being among college youth, which was agitated for Democrats and Obama, he fell prey to this propaganda. Isn’t that familiar!

However, the most interesting thing in all this was that well-off Americans, benevolent and humane, were under an influence of the same tune. And that is understandable. Socialism with its ideas of universal equality and fraternity isquite sympathetic.

But we, Soviet Union expatriates, know well enough what these ideas cost when brought to life. And this experiment, conducted in one separate country should have become a warning to this and following generations. But no, the ghost of Socialism not only wanders about America, but also becomes fully embodied.

So, what do we have 4 years later? Just a few “fundamental principles of Soviet Socialism”:

1. Nationalization of large enterprises, banking system, some branches of industry, and finally (last but not the least) healthcare system.

2. Progressive extermination of small businesses by raising taxes and minimum wages, through labor unions etc.

3. Increase in number of government programs for material welfare distribution, and growth of state (a.k.a. bureaucratic) machinery.

4. Pressure on mass media. For an average citizen this might not be completely evident. But those, who have worked in the Soviet media felt censorship and prohibition on their own back. They can tell when the end of the freedom of speech has come.

5. Search for enemies to blame for economic misfortunes of the USA. Including Russian-speaking immigrants, whom, as one official claimed, “cannot live the fair way”. They are to blame but not bestial Islamic fundamentalists. Analogy: the same way the Soviets hated Jews-Zionists and fat-cat Americans.

6. No freedom of choice. Obama-care is just the first swallow. If the government pushes us to buy health insurances (otherwise – a huge penalty) now, then who can guarantee that they won’t force us to buy spots in cemeteries, nationalized by the same government, later?

Perhaps, this is the basis for a future tower of Socialism.

Have you noticed how malevolence, and sometimes pure hatred of rich people are cultivated in the society? In modern America it becomes indecent to possess a round sum on a bank account, regardless of how it was earned.

40% of the American population – 47 million people who receive free benefits (by the way, their number doubled during Obama’s term of presidency) do not understand, how dare somebody is “in clover” when they get pale minimum. They don’t really care that they receive even that much only thanks to those who sweat their guts out and pay taxes; and they care even less how economy works and develops. All they care is their ration, especially those who never worked in their life.

This in no way applies to elderly and those who are unemployed due to their disabilities. They were and will be always cared for by the government. And their number is, according to mass media data, only 18%.

Some Americans believe that Democrats fight for the poor. If only! The just can see, how Democrats strive, by earning a cheap popularity, to rob with taxes the most successful and hardworking people and distribute the wealth among those who are not as diligent at work.

There are no miracles whatsoever: the higher unemployment rates are, the less taxes are received by the State treasury, and thus the means for social support are getting cut inevitably. But its impossible to milk the same working cow (meaning taxpayers who already pay a lot) more and more. It will eventually bite the dust.

“We already see how these “servants of the people” actually care for people’s interests (constantly being under a stare of public), – Samson Geltser wrote. – Look, how eagerly Barack and Michelle started consuming power delights. First lady’s trip to Spain with her retinue of guests and bodyguards (70 people altogether) cost taxpayers $375,000. At the State expense Michelle Obama is attended by a staff of 22 people with an annual budget of $1.6 million (not taking into consideration the cost of their insurance). Obama has rented a vacation mansion for $55,000, also from the treasury pocket. And what would follow after establishment of “dictatorship of the proletariat” – an unlimited and uncontrolled power of the ruling top of the Democratic Party?”

“On the ground of Soviet (and non-Soviet) experience, we can predict the following steps on the way of “glorious building of Socialism” in America, – Samson Geltser continues:

–         When everything is nationalized and belongs to “the people” (that is the ruling top, the punitive apparatus, bureaucracy, who won’t stop until they take everything into their hands);

–         When everything is planed by the government (who is not capable to get any close to the effective planning, which is performed naturally by the free market);

–         When ordinary people lose personal interest in gaining material incentives through their work – then the only way to force a person into work (to feed bureaucrats) will be threat of repression and gulags – huge imprisonment system with millions of modern slaves. Work under the lash is very ineffective and unproductive; the collapse of the state will follow.

I do not think this up – we’ve witnessed this not so long ago. A collapse will be inevitable despite local features – whether in 70 or 170 years. But before the Socialism is buried under its own ruins, the people will have to take a mouthful of sorrow.”

So, what should be done in our current situation?

The fact is that Republicans in this election campaign don’t look their best either. Judging from the debates, the candidate of the Republic party, Mitt Romney, to put it mildly, is not completely competent in foreign policies issues. As a fighter, he is not powerful, because he cannot even take advantage of his opponent’s week spots.

The only plus in his campaign is a real decrease in country’s huge budget deficit, and its return to the most predictable and reasonable system – the Capitalism, which can really help those in need. To consider this system and its supporters to be perfect would be foolish and unjustified. However, up to this moment the mankind hasn’t come up with anything more efficient and humane than this. The very existence of successful America proves the rightness of this statement.

Running from the Socialist catastrophe of the USSR, we could have never imagined, that we might have returned back to the same system. All we can say now, well, is “get us out of this…”

Malvina Yakobi

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