Working long hours? Watch out for your heart

A long-term study in Britain has showed that working more than 11 hours a day increased the risk of heart disease by 67 percent as opposed to working a normal 8 hour day.  The findings suggest that information on working hours combined with data on blood pressure, diabetes, and smoking habits could help doctors calculate heart disease risk for patients.

Scientists did not specifically say that the long hours were the lone contributor to heart disease and long hours seemed more of an indicator for other causes of heart disease such as lack of exercise and unhealthy eating.

This study warns that people with long hours should make sure to eat healthy and exercise as well as maintain proper levels for blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar.

This 11-year study included 7,095 participants including men and women who worked full time.

For this study, men and women who worked full time and had no heart disease were selected, giving 7,095 participants.  During the study, 192 participants had heart attacks and the findings suggested that of those worked 11 hour days were 67 percent more likely to have a heart attack than those who worked fewer hours.

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  1. Philadelphia Jobs says:

    As someone who frequently works 11 hour days, this was eye-opening. Sometimes I grab the wrong foods and had a problem with pre-diabetes a couple of years ago. This is an essential reminder to eat right, step away from work for awhile and get some exercise. I certainly don’t want a heart attack and I’m not getting any younger.


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